What’s inside our Free Course?

By now, you’ve surely seen our encouraging words to check out our free courseHow to Start Your Business from Scratch.  As a new business owner, trying to do exactly what the course mentions, you probably have a thousand reasons why you haven’t taken the opportunity to sign up for this free program.  You’re incredibly busy.  You’re not in a place where you can commit to an entire course.  You keep forgetting, because you have so many other things on your plate.

What if you made today the day you finally sign up?  Let’s take a look at what the course truly entails, and how signing up and starting our course may be the easiest and most beneficial thing you do today.

What Does “How to Start Your Business from Scratch” mean?

how to start an online business from scratch

Every business starts with an idea.  If you’ve read some of the biographies or advice books from those who have struck it big time, you probably feel a little jealous of those billionaires. They knew exactly what it took to turn an inkling of an idea into a successful business.

Except… at some point, they did not!  At some point, these successful billionaires were sitting right where you are: wondering how to turn that itty-bitty idea into a business.

And that is exactly where the course begins:  at the zero point.  “How to Start Your Business from Scratch” joins you as you stare at that pesky blinking cursor on your laptop, wondering what you need to know to help your idea blossom and grow.

Unlike other courses, which assume you have a full marketing background and substantial computer programming experience, this course makes no assumptions, and helps guide you through the physical process as well as the mental process of creating your empire.

What Are The Lessons Like?

“How to Start Your Business from Scratch” is set up so that you can learn at your own pace.  Between each step, you can take your time to experience what was discussed in the previous lesson, and both brainstorm and try out some next steps.

As you may have gathered from our previous blog posts, there’s really no wrong answer in the world of business and marketing: just things that work better than others.  As you review the courses, you can absolutely take your time to implement what you’ve learned, and explore more about the topic covered.

When you sign up, you’ll receive access to seven video lessons.  These lessons will provide both advice and instructions for building a business from the ground up.  Based on actual proven business models, you’ll learn some of the most effective methods used by the most successful online entrepreneurs.  

You’ll also receive access to three ebooks that will help you with the sometimes confusing world of building a website.  More importantly, these books will help you with the process of getting people to actually visit that website!  More traffic means more conversions.  And more conversions means a higher success rate.

All the Information you’ll find in the Free Course

Obviously, there are tons of things to keep in mind when building a business.  Participants in “How to Start Your Business from Scratch” will want to bring their original ideas to the table.  We’ll provide the lessons.

You’ll start with learning how to set up your online presence.  We’ll cover the capabilities of WordPress, and what you’ll need to get your website and blog up and running.

You’ll go step-by-step through the process of getting started, too.  If this is your first time creating a website, you’ll definitely want to tune in to find out what you need to do… in fact, you’ll probably be surprised by how easy things are with WordPress, with its classic “drag and drop” technology.  You’ll also learn how to start driving traffic towards that brand new website, with tricks and tips that will encourage visitors.

Other lessons focus less on the “how to” mechanical parts, but more on the motivation you need to keep up with those frustrating first months.  Starting a business is a very involved process, and there will be a lot of trial and error.  Included in the course is information that will keep you focused on success, with the Wealth Attraction report. 

Choosing the right Business Model and Niche

If you have wondered how to choose the right business model, or even how to find the right niche for your business idea, this course is for you.  If you need guidance setting up your website and learning how to get people to visit that website, this course can help.

And if you are curious about how to form marketing partnerships, this course is a great start.  If you’re finding yourself short on time, slightly lost in the maze of information, or simply unsure of which foot to put first, consider signing up for “How to Start Your Business from Scratch.

“How to Start Your Business from Scratch” is currently a free course.  Signing up now gives you Free Lifetime access to this course, and to future updates.  By signing up for this course, you’ll have access to resources that can help you start your brand new online business.  

For many of us, the hardest part of becoming successful entrepreneurs is taking that very first step.  The good news is that you are not alone.

The information compiled in our free course, “How to Start Your Business from Scratch” can help you feel more confident and prepared when taking that first step, with easy-to-follow video and ebooks that help guide you along the process.  Best of all, it’s free, and requires only as much time as you’re able to give each lesson.

If you’re ready to graduate from a “small idea” and realize your potential as an online business owner, consider signing up for this free course today. Click the button below to get access, and see you on the other side!

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