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Running Your Own Business at Home is now become easy, thanks to new technologies and Internet. If you want to take control of your career and income, and you want to build, run, or simply scale your business, you need the right education. We are here to give you all the knowledge and training you need to go through this path.

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Our learning center contains practical articles that will help you to successfully setup and run your digital business. You will also find references to TRAINING, videos and books if you want to have a deeper understanding.

An Overview of the Scrum methodology

The topic of project management can be a little touchy for some business owners. Any collaboration between a team of specialists, freelancers and a client can quickly become a sticky situation if not every party is on the same page. The Idea of Scrum Clients can receive a final version that doesn’t meet their expectations….

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What is Leadership? How to become an effective Leader

When we were children, we played games like “Follow the Leader”. One person would be the “leader”, and invent all sorts of silly things for the rest of the group to do, like jumping in place, or rubbing our bellies and patting our heads, or imitating goofy noises as a group. The Weight of Leadership…

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Understanding Growth Hacking

When we first start a new business, we do so with the hope that our brand will be successful. We want to make sales and attract lifelong customers in a way that’s scalable for our business. At the same time, most of us start our businesses from the ground up, meaning we build it, and…

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What is Customer Segmentation?

One common misconception about marketing is that “one plan fits all.” While this would be true in an ideal world, not every marketing strategy pays off with every individual around the world. Let’s Start with an Example To find an example of this, look no further than the television commercials that appear on various channels,…

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