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A/B Testing
Also known as Split Testing, it is a method that allows marketers to create two or more versions of the same page and run them simultaneously before audiences, to measure which version has a better conversion rate. Read more
Affiliate Marketing
It’s an advertising model in which a merchant compensates third-party publishers (affiliates) to generate traffic or purchases to the merchant’s product. Read more
Anchor Text
It is the clickable text in a hyperlink
A series of email messages sent to subscribers in a particular order and frequency. Read more
It is a transaction or business conducted between one business and another
It is a transaction or business conducted between one business and a consumer
It’s a link to your site, or to your social media page, from another site or social media page. Read more
Banner Ads
It is a graphical web advertising published on a web page. It can be either static or animated
A kind of informational website displaying information in reverse chronological order. Read more
Bounce Rate
The percentage of visits to a website or page with no engagement or interaction. Read more
Customer Experience. Read more
Call to Action
It is content specifically designed to engage the audience and encourage them to take a particular action. Read more
Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
It is a metric that measures the number of clicks advertisers receive on their ads per number of impressions. Read more
Content Syndication
The process in which your articles or blog entries are posted on third party websites. Read more
When a visitor to your website completes a desired goal (opt-in, lead, purchase, etc…)
Conversion Rate
The percentage of conversions
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
The process of making your site attractive to search engine crawlers, so that your site places higher on SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. Read more
Cost Per Mille (CPM)
It is the cost per 1,000 impressions received by a specific ad. Read more
Customer Churn
The phrase refers to losing customers when they choose to stop doing business with your company. Read more
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
The total amount of money a customer is expected to spend in your business, during their lifetime. Read more
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
It is a very large core concept that includes all of the strategies, outreach, and technology options businesses use to manage exchanges with current (and even future) customers. Read more
Customer Segmentation
The process of addressing a certain segment of your audience at a time. Read more
Deep Linking
The use of a hyperlink that links to a specific web page, instead of the homepage
Domain Authority (DA)
It is a ranking score between 1 and 100 that will predict how highly a site will rank for all major search engines. Read more
A business method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Read more
Dwell Time
Time visitors spend on a website
It stands for “Expertise, Authority, and Trust”.  These are the three factors that Google – and ostensibly your audience – measure your site for in order to consider it a valuable resource. Read more
Earning Per Click (EPC)
The amount of money you earn for your click-throughs or the activity you achieve on your links. Read more
Email Marketing
The use of email to promote physical or digital products, or services
Evergreen Webinar
A pre-recorded webinar, saved for future or repeated use. Read more
External Linking
It is a hyperlink pointing at a target domain, other than the domain the link exists on (the source)
The strategy of introducing games, or goal-oriented tasks, into a process. Read more
Growth Hacking
Marketing tactics used to create massive growth in the least time possible, on the smallest budget. Read more
Guest Blogging
See Guest Posting
Guest Posting
When you are writing an article or post for another person’s site. Read more
High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
A form of Affiliate Marketing in which the affiliate sells high priced products (known as “high ticket”) that give large profit on fewer sales. Read more
High Ticket Product
A physical or digital product usually costing more than a thousand dollars
It is a link from a page or document to another location (page, document, media, etc…)
Inbound Link
It is a link coming from another site to your own website
Any individual who has the ability to have an effect on the behavior of others through social media channels. Read more
Influencer Marketing
A marketing strategy involving products or services endorsements from influencers. Read more
Interactive Content
It is any type of content experience that allows for personal exchange between your business and your audience. Read more
Internal Link
Any link from one page on your website to another page on your website.
Internet of Things (IoT)
A system of interrelated computing devices. Read more
A word or a group of words an Internet user uses to perform a search
Keyword Analysis
It is the process of analyzing the keywords or search phrases that bring visitors to your website. Read more
Keyword Density
The number of times a keyword appears on a webpage. It is a percentage of the overall word count. Read more
Landing Page
It is where you direct visitors to “land” on your website in particular situations. It can be created for a specific marketing purpose. Read more
An individual that expresses an interest in your products or services. Read more
Lead Generation
The process in which you gain new customers, new clients, and new business opportunities. Read more
Link Building
The marketing process to get links from other websites to your website
Media Buying
The act of purchasing ad space on a website or network of site. Read more
Meta Tags
The bits of text in a page’s HTML code that describe what that page contains. Read more
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
A version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can validate the product and provide a feedback. Read more
Native Advertising
Paid advertisements that mimic the website on which they’re placed. Read more
A newsletter is an information email sent by a company to people who opted-in to a company’s email list
Nurturing email
An email conceived with the scope to move users from the interest stage to the decision stage of the sales funnel
Express permission by a customer, or a recipient of a mail, email, or other direct message to allow a marketer to send a merchandise, information, or more messages. Read more
Organic Search
Search results of a search engine that aren’t influenced by paid advertising
Outbound Link
It is a link coming from your own website to another site
Page Authority (PA)
It is a ranking score that predicts how well certain pages of your overall site will rank on a SERP.  These scores also range from 1 to 100, and also center largely around inbound links. Read more
Pinterest Marketing
Social media marketing activities and strategies on Pinterest. Read more
A digital audio program, like a radio show, available on the Internet. Read more
A lead that has been qualified as fitting certain criteria. Read more
Responsive Design
A web design approach to create web pages that render well on a variety of devices and screens
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
It is a measurement in the marketing world that helps business understand the amount of revenue made for each dollar spent on each type of ad. Read more
Rich Snippets
Known as “structured data markup”, it is the information that helps search engines know when to include your site in a SERPs.  Read more
Search Engine Results Pages. Read more
Unsolicited and unwanted email content that arrives en masse to your email address. Read more
Sales Funnel
The marketing technique used to lure in new customers and turn a mildly interested party into a lifelong customer. Read more
Sales Page
A standalone page on your website or blog, which has the specific goal to secure sales for your product or service. Read more
An Agile methodology, based on incremental and interactive development. Read more
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
A marketing strategy to increase the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through popular search engines. Read more
Software as a Service (SaaS)
A type of software is accessed online, and is hosted and managed by a single provider, who also provides a secure online user environment, as well as customer service and support for its product. Read more
Solo Ads
A form of advertising that allowing to buy an email broadcast to someone else’s email list. Read more
Split Testing
See A/B Testing
Squeeze Page
It is a landing page designed to convince your page visitors to share their email address and possibly their first name with you. Read more
Thank You Page
A page that appears on the screen once a visitor has completed a conversion action and submitted a form. Read more
User Interface. Read more
User Experience. Read more
The action of encouraging customers to purchase additional products, services, or an upgraded version of whatever they intend to purchase. Read more
A Virtual Private Network is software that you can install on your device. It protects your information by masking your IP address, encrypting your data, and routing it through secure networks. Read more
A Virtual Private Server is a virtualized hosting service that provides you with dedicated resources on a server shared with other customers of the hosting company.
Video Marketing
The use of videos to promote a product or a service. Read more
Viral Marketing
A strategy to generate interest in a brand or product through messages that spread quickly from person to person
An interactive broadcasted video presentation hosted online, used to educate and communicate around a brand, product or service. Read more
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