Structure of a Sales Page that converts

Structure of a Sales Page that converts

A sales page is a standalone page on your website or blog, which has a specific goal: it needs to secure sales for your product. Therefore, this page has to be highly effective, and must convert visitors into leads or customers.

There are two main types of sales page:

A. Long form page
B. Short form page

The only difference between these two types is the actual length of the page. But both are designed very similar and contain some text, and a Call to Action (CTA).

Anatomy of a Sales Page that converts

Let’s see together how’s an optimized sales page is structured:

1. Headline
2. Sub Headline
3. Presentation of the problem
4. Your Product is the solution
5. Social Proof
6. Bonuses
7. Offer
8. Guarantee
9. Call to Action

What is a Headline?

A headline is one of the most important aspects of your sales page.

Your headline is the very first opportunity you have to gain your potential customer’s interest. It must create an emotional appeal to whatever problem they are trying to solve.

You don’t need to write anything complex. Your headline should be easy to understand, and should include your main keywords. It has to attract your potential customer to keep reading further.

how a typical headline looks like

An effective headline is capable to turn your reader into a paying customer.

Its structure is simple: bold text, a large font size, and a mix of colors to make it stand out from copy.

Sub Headline

As the name says, the sub headline (or post headline) is written below the main Headline. It is a smaller, secondary headline that elaborates on the main headline above it. Sometimes it’s present, sometimes it isn’t. It’s up to you to decide whether to add one below the main headline.

Presentation of the Problem

In an ideal sales page that converts, below the headlines, you now have to present the problem that your potential customer is facing.

Keep always in mind that people don’t buy prevention, they buy a cure for their existing problem. So if you want to increase the chances to sell your product or service, it’s much easier to focus on the problem itself. Focus on the pain, put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyers.

Let’s say that your nice is dating and relationship. The problem could sound something like this:

“Are you tired of striking out when it comes to the opposite sex? Do you get a tight feeling in your stomach whenever you see a happy couple walking on the street, because it makes you wonder if you will ever find the right soul mate?”

YOU have the solution

Your high converting sales page is there to describe how cool is your product. Your solution is of course the best solution possible – or better, the only one – to whatever problem you have stated in the previous paragraphs.

The product you offer, is not one of the solutions available in the market, but it’s the ultimate relief of whatever pain your reader is experiencing.

an example of benefits list

Said that, please be always honest with your prospects. Do not write misleading or false information just because you want to sell the product at any cost. This isn’t ethical and it will ruin your business reputation in the long term.

If you don’t have a product which is good enough, then just spend some time to improve it. You can only benefit from this.

Social Proof

Social proof is what everybody call “testimonials”. Testimonials are an effective way to show your prospects some happy clients that have good words for your product or service.

testimonial examples

You can include stories about people who have experienced profound improvements to their lives as a result of your product. Or you can post some reviews that describe all the benefits of your product.

Bonuses help your Sales Page to convert better

Bonuses are something not mandatory, nor essential. A bonus can help a potential customer to purchase, in case of uncertainty. You can add one or two free products as a bonus, that are related to the product or service you are selling in your niche.

Many bonuses can however create a negative feeling, because it may seem that your main products is low quality.

Your bonus products must have a value: if your customer buy it separately, it will be more expensive than buying all together presented in the main offer.

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A money back guarantee is a good practice that you should almost always respect. If you don’t, some people might start to think that there’s something wrong with your product.

Your guarantee should have an expiration date to 30- or 60-days from the day of sale, so you don’t have customers coming back months or even years later looking for a refund.

With digital products, you generally want to let them keep the product rather than send it back. Your goal, in these cases, it’s to build goodwill, so they are likely to purchase more products from you in the future.

Offering a guarantee also removes risk for the customer: If they don’t like it, they can have their money back. There’s the risk that some people will buy your products and ask for refunds just so they can get the product for free. But fortunately this doesn’t happen too often, so it’s worth it to provide a guarantee every time.

A money back guarantee helps you to drastically increase your sales page conversion rate.

Call to Action

A Call to Action (CTA) is simply the final action that makes a potential customer your new customer.

In your sales page, the CTA is a big colored button that tells your readers exactly what they need to do next: buy, subscribe, download, and so on.

call to action

It’s important that your CTA is very clear and to the point, there can be no ambiguity. Even if you are a little forceful, that’s okay. Don’t suggest, tell.

By the time readers have made it all the way through your sales letter to the Call to Action, they probably are ready to buy anyway. Your job with the CTA is to push them into taking action.

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This is the structure of a modern and converting sales page. Make sure to add all these elements described in the article when you are creating one. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.



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