4 Video Marketing Benefits

Video Marketing is constantly surrounding us in today’s world. And our culture has a deep fascination with video technology.  Remember how the classroom would cheer when the teacher announced that today’s lesson included a video?

Recent findings show that many of us are visual learners, and that we can process, understand, and retain more information from a two minute video than we do from a fifteen minute reading selection.  And that makes sense in today’s fast-paced culture, too.

As we’re bombarded by more and more information in this digital age, more and more people will be ready to click play on a short video, rather than download and read through a clunky, text-heavy PDF.

As a business owner, the mere mention of “videos” may cause an unpleasant group of dollar signs to flash before your eyes; however, many marketers find that video marketing has a distinct ROI.  Here are a few reasons you may want to explore video marketing for your product or services.

Benefit 1: Video Marketing builds Trust

As human beings, we’re programmed to need to “see it to believe it.”  Why tell someone how something works when you can show them?

Remember those cheesy late night infomercials, in which super-enthusiastic and relatable spokespeople demonstrated products that seemed to defy the very rules of physics?  Sure, they might have seemed over-the-top, but they worked.  People were able to see a product do the things they needed, and they bought them.  

When you create a video, you are demonstrating the personality of you, your company, and your brand.  Your voice literally comes to life on the screen, allowing customers the ability to see a person.

You can use that voice to explain, demonstrate, and interact with your product or services right in front of their very eyes.  Your company becomes more than a logo and a digital shopping cart:  it becomes people doing things.  

The more human your company and brand become, the more customers trust what you are selling.  The more trust customers have, the more purchases they make.  Creating that human bond with customers has been shown to lead directly to more sales.

Benefit 2: Interest and Convenience

Mobile users love video.  It makes perfect sense.  You’re on the train, and you have a spare couple of minutes: click play on a video, and you can quickly research the best solution to a problem you’ve been having.

Imagine every person who needs your product only has a few minutes to find the best solution, in a scenario just like this.  Wouldn’t it make sense, then, to create a video full of rich content that describes or demonstrates your product or service quickly and thoroughly?

The irony of the quick-format of video is that once a potential customer is hooked by video content, they tend to linger at your site longer, reviewing all of the videos, options, and potentially making that conversion.

Benefit 3: Click Share to Be a Star

The longer folks spend on your site, the more attention your site can receive from search engines like Google.

These bumps in SEO can be a huge factor in receiving organic traffic from all directions.  Additionally, YouTube is now the second largest search engine behind Google.  Placing your videos on YouTube as well as your own personal website can give potential customers a variety of entry points to your site.

Another benefit of videos is how easily they can be shared.  Think of all the Facebook messages or emails or texts you’ve received with a link to a video saying “ You have GOT to see this.”  Wouldn’t it be great if that was your video spreading like wildfire?

Studies have found that more people are interested in opening emails with “video” in the subject line, and mobile users are more interested in opening video links than direct website links.

Just imagine all the free marketing you could receive if you create an engaging video that just begs to be shared!

Benefit 4: Video Marketing is Engaging

Not just any video will do the trick, however.  The video itself must be engaging and full of stellar content.

Think of the television commercials for automobile sales.  It seems like these commercials will go to any lengths to get your attention, and it’s not always positive.

Avoid pulling out all the bells and whistles in a desperate attempt to be memorable.  Instead, be sincere and personable.  Choose a spokesperson who is enthusastic and relatable, but not cheesy or over-the-top.

Create a script that is memorable and accurately displays the personality of your brand, without pulling antics that might get attention for the wrong reasons.

When in doubt, go with animation, which combines entertaining visuals with a sense of childhood nostalgia that goes hand-in-hand with that trustworthy feeling you want your customers to have.

Building the Process

You may wish to collaborate with a video production service to get the best possible video for your website.  This can be expensive and time-consuming, but the return in conversions and building a customer base should more than pay for the investment.

But you don’t have to hire Spielberg to post a click-worthy video.  Many companies have gained quite a following with informal, cell phone quality “on the spot” type videos, as well.

Just make sure the filmography matches the personality of your brand.  As always, knowing your niche will help you figure out the best way to reach them via video.

There are a lot of things to consider when creating and posting a video, but the overall benefits are too great to ignore.

Not only do you have the opportunity to commandeer just a few minutes of people’s time, but you can pack those moments with rich content that makes people want to learn more.

These people then become drawn into your site and your product, leading them to become customers.  They can watch, rewatch, and share your video content with others.  Suddenly, your page views multiply in number and length, leading to higher search engine visibility.

While producing a video may be labor intensive, many marketers find that it is one of the fastest ways to reach a broad audience in a meaningful way.

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