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8.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #10 in category Technology
  • Conditional logic
  • Easy to use form builder
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Anti-spam honeypot
  • Some custom CSS coding is needed to make forms more beautiful
  • Integrations
  • No Free version available

You want to ask your audience questions.  You need a reply.  Sure, you could send an email, or include the question in your newsletter, but honestly, what’s the real chance that anyone is going to respond?

That’s where forms come in.  As business owners, we can integrate interactive forms into our websites, so that they not only capture the attention of our audience, but encourage response. Questionnaires and surveys, as well as simple questions, help us understand our customers’ needs, our audience’s interests, and what purpose our sites and products fill in the world.

Unfortunately, building forms isn’t always intuitive… and that’s where Gravity Forms enters the picture.  This WordPress plugin makes it easier than ever to create forms.

About Gravity Forms

What Is Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms is a plugin that pairs perfectly with WordPress, and allows you to design and build forms very quickly with a visual editor tool.

You can select and configure fields before integrating the form into your WordPress website.  The concept behind Gravity Forms is to give users the choice of templates, fields, and options, and then choose how the audience interacts with those, in as few steps and as easily as possible.

There are four categories within Gravity Forms:  standard (1), advanced (2), post (3), and pricing (4).  Throughout these categories, you’ll find over 30 possible fields, which can be added to your form to gain the information you need.

Gravity Forms Form Creation

For example, if you’re creating a registration form for an event, you’ll be able to add fields that capture just the right personal information to secure that individual’s entry into the event.

Of course, a registration form is just one example of what you can do with Gravity Forms.  From contact forms, signing up for newsletters, requesting a quote, completing order forms, and more, Gravity Forms has the ability to configure exactly what you need.

Gravity Forms Features

Overview of the Product

Features That Make It Worth the Price 

Granted, there are some free form-making plugins out there, and it may be a hard sell to pay for something that you get for free.  While that’s understandable, there are quite a few reasons why Gravity Forms is worth the yearly cost.

For example, you can customize every single field type within Gravity Forms.  You can make each field required or not, change the size of the field to draw attention to a particular section, add page breaks for multi-level forms, include pre-populated text, and more.  You can even customize how the field behaves.

That’s right: Gravity Forms includes Conditional Logic settings.  Based on how a user responds to one question or field, your form can hide or show additional fields, sections, or pages.  You can even choose to hide the “Submit” button until certain fields have been completed.  Imagine how specific the responses might be with this level of control and input into responses!

You can also allow users to “save” their progress before submitting.  You can allow users to attach files, which is incredibly useful when they’re requesting quotes or attempting to submit samples to you.  

Additionally, you can choose where the notifications go, which is incredibly helpful if the email address attached to your website goes to one party, while the quote requests really need to go to another individual, for example.

Content-driven notifications can be incredibly helpful when users choose the wrong form for the wrong thing, as well.  By making sure the right request gets to the right person, you have a much faster turn around time on response.  A user who receives a faster response is much more likely to become a customer.

Extended Gravity Forms features with the Add-Ons

Gravity Forms can be extended with add-ons that increase the capabilities of your forms.  Each paid package includes access to a variety of add-ons that can further customize your forms for even better input and usefulness.

Also included is the ability to reduce spam responses with anti-spam honeypot or CAPTCHA technology.  After all, the whole point of creating the form in the first place is to learn more and receive more information and requests from your audience, not to flood your inbox with nonsense!

Pricing and Plans

What Does Gravity Forms Cost?

As mentioned, there is no “free” level of Gravity Forms.  There are, however, three different licenses available with an annual subscription.  Each license includes a variety of capabilities and access.



Per Year

1 Site
Unlimited Forms
Unlimited Entries
Conditional Logic
File Uploads
Multi Page Forms
Basic Add-Ons
Pro Add-Ons
Elite Add-Ons
Standard Support




3 Sites
Unlimited Forms
Unlimited Entries
Conditional Logic
File Uploads
Multi Page Forms
Basic Add-Ons
Pro Add-Ons
Elite Add-Ons
Standard Support




Unlimited Forms
Unlimited Entries
Conditional Logic
File Uploads
Multi Page Forms
Basic Add-Ons
Pro Add-Ons
Elite Add-Ons
Priority Support

The Basic License currently runs $59 per year.  This license will support one website, and includes unlimited forms, unlimited entries, and the Conditional Logic feature.  You’ll be able to create forms with multiple pages, as well as allow users to upload files.  You’ll also get access to the Basic level of add-ons.  

You can get the Pro License at $159 per year, and adds to the features of the Basic package.  For example, while it includes unlimited forms and entries, as well as Conditional Logic, multi-page formats, and the ability to upload forms, it also allows support for up to three websites, and includes the Pro level of add-ons.

The Elite License costs $259 per year, but is truly unlimited:  unlimited forms, unlimited entries, and unlimited sites.  Those who purchase this package will also receive an Elite level of add-ons, and priority support from Gravity Forms specialists.

Conclusion and Score

Our Opinion about Gravity Forms

As a business owner, it’s important to have a way to interact with your audience.  From questionnaires and surveys, to registration forms, quote requests, and simple sign ups, forms are an excellent tool that can be embedded in your site, allowing immediate interaction between the user and your site.

Gravity Forms allows WordPress users a faster, simpler, more intuitive way to create forms that drill down to the information that best suits each situation.

By allowing full customization of each form, each field, and even the notifications from each form, you’ll be able to ask the questions you need to ask in order to receive the information you need, without added bulk or gaps in information.

With Conditional Logic, you’ll even be able to tailor those questions to each response, preventing annoying redundant questions, and thereby increasing the possibility of turning that form into a life-long customer.

8.5Expert Score

A great WordPress plugin that allows you to build simple or complex forms with conditional logic.


Recommended? Yes

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