The 6 Best Calendar Apps To Keep You Productive in 2024

best calendar apps

A calendar app is essential for staying productive, on schedule, and organized, whether at work or at home. However, you shouldn’t just use the calendar app that came with your phone (though it’s probably a decent choice) — you should use the calendar application that works best for you, which implies the software and devices that you use daily.

What are the best calendar apps?

We looked at and tested dozens of calendars to identify the best calendar app. Here are our selections for the six best calendar applications, whether you’re seeking a Google Calendar replacement or just want to explore what’s out there. Let’s start with the first one, which is our favorite.



Best for simplifying the scheduling of B2B meetings
An easy and good looking application letting others book an appointment with you. Free plan available.

Doctal is one of the best calendar apps we are using on a daily basis, because it allows you to create a schedule page that you can send to clients and will enable them to book multiple sessions. This eliminates the tedious back-and-forth of scheduling via email and enables automated confirmations that include all of your scheduling data, including calendar links.

Dotcal works with your existing calendars to make sure you’re only displaying people times when you’re genuinely available, and it saves you time from having to ask them, “what time works for you?”

Main Features:

  • Dotcal is really easy to use, and the interface is very attractive. If you enjoy the behind-the-scenes of companies like Flodesk and Squarespace, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy Dotcal’s App.
  • Dotlink is an excellent function in the app. It generates text and links that can be pasted directly into an email, allowing people to book right away.
  • Depending on the situation, you choose to allow clients to cancel/reschedule or not allow them to change their schedule at all.
  • Your booking page can easily be added to your website. Choose a standard frame or a responsive full-screen iframe in settings>Embed> copy the code and paste it into your webpage.



Best for ease of use and cost-efficiency
Calendly is known as one of the easiest online appointment schedulers to use. Free plan available.

Calendly is another fantastic calendar app for organizations who wish to make scheduling easier (and inevitable rescheduling). You can use this free application to schedule meetings without sending emails back and forth.

You can connect your calendars to Calendly if you need to schedule around occurrences in other calendars. Individuals and organizations who want to simplify scheduling and calendar management would benefit from this tool.

Main Features:

  • Calendly assists you with automated reminders and rescheduling and Salesforce connection, so sales teams can clinch more deals.
  • Provides potential hires with the ability to schedule interviews with just a few clicks, assisting recruiting teams in delivering a better applicant experience.
  • Share resources, like links to support articles, with customer success teams ahead of time to assist them in creating a seamless onboarding experience.
  • Calendly’s automatic lead routing assists marketing teams in streamlining team scheduling.
  • It is available on the web for your desktop, laptop, Apple iOS and Android devices.


Google Calendar

Best for cross-platform usage
Google Calendar helps you better manage your time, activities, and appointments.

Google Calendar is the official calendar for Android smartphones, and it has been thoroughly tested by a large number of people worldwide. Consider altering your mind if you’re currently trying to avoid it. Because this software comes pre-installed on most Android smartphones, many users believe it offers nothing unique. They are mistaken.

For several years, Google has been improving its calendar. It now comes in Material Design with enhanced event capabilities, direct interaction with other Google services (for example, support for reminders and Google Now), and Exchange support.

Main Features:

  • It automatically adds details from your emails to your Google Calendar, such as if you have a flight reservation or a meeting.
  • It will also send event reminders.
  • The software works with a variety of other productivity applications, like Google Keep Evernote and Todoist, so you don’t have to switch between them all to stay organized.
  • It’s compatible with both Android and iPhone.
  • The program is simple to follow and will not cost you anything.


Outlook Calendar

Best for full integration with the Microsoft ecosystem
Calendar is fully integrated with email, contacts, and other features of your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a scheduling feature for Outlook users that allows you to connect your contacts, emails, and other Outlook event features into one calendar. You may use Outlook Calendar to create events, appointments, group schedules, and meetings.

It functions as a personal task manager with an intuitive user interface. Anyone on your team can view and manage their schedules on the calendar or subscribe to one another’s calendars to get real-time changes.

Main Features:

  • The app itself is pretty good. You can schedule events and reminders, send meeting requests, and look at numerous calendars simultaneously.
  • It’s simple to convert an email into a calendar appointment or view your email according to your calendar.
  • There’s also the option to add iCalendar subscriptions.
  • It also works with various other calendar apps, allowing you to see what’s on your other calendars.



Best for those using iPhone and iPad devices
Fantastical offers a large number of features and perfectly integrates into the Apple ecosystem.

Fantastical is an excellent alternative to the default calendar apps for Mac/iOS if you’re an Apple user.

Fantastical’s main benefit is its tight interaction with the Apple ecosystem. Fantastical is a beautiful, simple calendar that syncs across all of your devices, including your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Main Features:

  • The app’s natural language processing is robust, allowing you to create events quickly.
  • You can even do more advanced things like geofencing reminders (which allow you to receive reminders just when you’re at a specific location).
  • Fantastical also works with Google Calendar, iCloud, Outlook Calendar, and several other applications.
  • The app is fully localized for French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. It’s ideal for bilingual users.



Best for Ease of Use
Available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Timepage offers one week free trial.

The main attraction of Timepage is its innovative approach to calendar design and the fantastic user experience it provides. It makes you want to keep experimenting with the app by playing just the right sound for you while navigating. Timepage synchronizes with your Apple, Google, and Outlook calendars.

Main Features:

  • Every panel in the app has stunning aesthetics that make you forget you’re using a calendar app at all.
  • Timepage is connected with weather predictions, contacts, maps, and many other apps to increase your productivity and create tasks and manage your schedule.
  • You can make a new event and invite your attendees by using their email addresses.
  • The heat map tool shows how often your events occur across all of your calendars. The darker the color of the date, the more events you have planned for that day.
  • Timepage’s smart notifications function provides you with smart reminders for forthcoming events, rain alarms when it’s time to move your meeting to a different location; follow-up prompts with your guests after a meeting, and daily briefings on your daily calendar and the weather.


Finding the best calendar apps to handle your multiple tasks and arrange your busy day might become a slew of challenges. However, these apps might assist you in making successful plans and achieving your objectives. Instead of picking the first one, you come across, try a few other ones until you find one that feels good.

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