What Is Managed WordPress Hosting? Features, Pros, Cons

wordpress managed hosting

Your website must be a solid basis for your company’s operations and growth. You might use a Managed WordPress Hosting solution instead of hiring experts with WordPress experience to handle your site and infrastructure. Your business will save money and benefit from a team of hosting specialists to ensure that your WordPress website is always up, safe, and speedy.

Continue reading to learn how Managed WordPress Hosting might benefit your business.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting keeps your WordPress site secure by taking care of upgrades, backups, malware detection, and caching. It is designed exclusively for this content management system, allowing it to solve issues better and match performance requirements to WordPress websites. As a consequence, you’ll have a website that’s swift, safe, and dependable.

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Features of Managed WordPress Hosting

Here below, you will learn why choosing a managed WP hosting is a good compromise for almost any kind of business.

1. Reduces The Requirement For Technical Knowledge

When you choose managed WordPress hosting, you can forget about the burden of requiring considerable technical skills. Hiring professional developers to run your website isn’t always easy.

You receive a small team of hosting specialists to ensure your website is stable and speedy when using managed WordPress hosting. You can then concentrate on other vital tasks, such as producing and updating your website’s content.

2. Optimized for High Performance

The second advantage of using a managed WordPress hosting service is that their environments are specifically designed to function with WordPress.

If you choose a shared server or take the DIY path, your site will be hosted on more barebone machines, and you will have to spend time installing software and optimizing your site to achieve the same speeds as a managed WordPress host. Or, in other circumstances, there will be nothing you can do to get the speeds you require on a shared host.

3. Features Aren’t Limited To Server Configurations.

While fast and secure servers are essential for any high-performing website, one of the most significant advantages of a managed WordPress host is the additional services it may provide. Workflow tools, collaborative features, and even educational resources are all included. A managed host is more than just a service provider; the finest ones act as a business partner.

The precise features of each managed WordPress host will vary, but finding one built to complement your ideal workflow (rather than merely providing a service) can significantly impact the value you receive.

4. Automatic Updates

A Managed WordPress Hosting package makes it simple to keep the core WordPress application and required plugins up to date. Maintaining your site’s security, performance, and compatibility requires keeping the software that powers it up to date.

An expertly managed WordPress host, on the other hand, will keep your software up to date and actively monitor how each update affects your site through automated tests to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. If an issue is discovered, the update can be rolled back immediately, reverting your site to its previous state.

5. Simplified Site Management

One of the best aspects of using a managed hosting company is that it makes things easier. You usually work with the WordPress dashboard and your host’s administration interface.

You also have a lot fewer options to consider with the latter. The experience is much more streamlined because the provider takes care of many things, and any non-WordPress-related options are removed. The WordPress installation is also carried out automatically.

Pros Of Managed WordPress Hosting

Because there are no clear standards for what a managed plan should look like, what you get will differ from one provider to the next. Most managed to host options, on the other hand, will:

  • Take care of your upgrades and regularly backup your site for safety.
  • Scan your website for security dangers and deal with any issues that surface fast.
  • Handle performance optimization to ensure that your site is always up and operating.
  • If you’re on a VPS or dedicated plan, customize your server to match your needs.
  • Provide staging areas to enable you to test changes and upgrades safely.
  • Provide a variety of help options to address your concerns.

Cons Of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • For startups and individuals on a tight budget, managed WordPress hosting might be prohibitively expensive.
  • You’re not in charge of site upkeep. Updates, backups, and server configurations are all part of this.
  • Managed hosting services provide their customers with a high level of security. To accomplish this, they frequently limit the types of plugins you may install on their servers.
  • Many managed hosts don’t provide email services, so you’ll have to find it elsewhere.
  • These hosting services are limited to hosting WordPress sites alone, which should go without saying.

How Can You Know If You Require Managed WordPress Hosting?

You should now be able to answer the question, “What is managed WordPress hosting?” This indicates that you’re ready to think about if it’s the best option for your website.

Your money and your needs are the two most important factors to consider. Naturally, you’ll be able to choose a managed plan only if you can afford it. While most solutions aren’t prohibitively pricey, they do necessitate a more significant initial outlay.

Managed hosting can be a lifesaver if you don’t know anything about WordPress, servers, and all the other technical aspects of maintaining a website. It saves you time and anxiety and can make your site safer and more responsive. You’ll also have ready access to assistance anytime you need it.

On the other hand, unmanaged hosting is a preferable choice if you wish to make critical website decisions on your own. It’s an excellent choice for individuals with the technical know-how to manage their own sites and who are ready to learn the ropes over time.

Don’t wait for your website to fail or go down on a shared server now that you know what managed WordPress hosting is. You risk exposing your company to hackers and suffering big financial damages. One of the finest solutions for security and performance is a managed WordPress host.


Managed WordPress hosting is an excellent investment for your website because it keeps it running smoothly and securely. You can focus on building a beautiful site while leaving the technical maintenance to the WordPress specialists with managed WordPress hosting.

If you want to host your WordPress site on an excellent platform based on Docker containers, you may find interesting to discover Convesio. You can read the full review here, or you can directly visit their website by clicking this link.

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