The Best 3 Hosting Platforms For Your WordPress Site

best wordpress hosting providers

Selecting the best WordPress hosting company for your WordPress website is critical. The health and security of your website will be determined by the hosting company you choose. However, there are so many to choose from. So how would you know which is the best WordPress hosting for your website?

This article will take an in-depth look at the top 3 WordPress hosting providers in 2022. You might examine each provider and do your own testing.

What Are The Best Hosting Platforms for WordPress?

To assist you in making an informed decision, we’ll go over all you need to know about each hosting provider.



Best For Scalable and High Business Critical Websites
About Convesio Best Value
A robust and scalable WordPress hosting, using the latest in Docker Container technology.
  • High Performance
  • Automating Scaling
  • Containerized (Docker)
  • Uptime
  • Backups Administration
  • Only for WordPress
  • No domain hosting service available
  • No email service available
  • Pricing

Convesio is the fastest and best WordPress hosting service on the market, with features customized particularly for WordPress users. It’s a managed hosting service that allows you to concentrate on your business rather than the technical aspects of website management.

WordPress users will like the platform’s many features. You may host an unlimited number of websites, maintain backups, and use CDN services, among other things. Convesio is a viable solution for managed WordPress hosting with a top-of-the-line software stack who wants complete control at a fair price.

Main Features

Auto-ScalingConvesio technology will automatically deploy several containers to meet the load if your website receives many visitors (starting from Business Plans).
Version BackupsGet versioned backups of your site in the Git style that are easy to restore.
SecurityThis includes WordPress security scanning, monitoring, and protection.
Application MonitoringAt the WordPress application level, their technology is constantly monitoring your site.
Self-HealingIf your website goes down for any reason, the platform will re-deploy your container immediately.
Excellent AvailabilityLoad balanced containers split traffic between many WordPress instances. A custom caching layer in the load balancer delivers a fast caching WordPress front end.
Database ClusteringTheir numerous MySQL servers power each WordPress site for high availability, uptime, and scalability.

Strong Points

  • Convesio is the way to go if page speed is vital to you. It has servers worldwide, enabling faster browsing and better website performance on all devices.
  • Every WordPress site deployed with Convesio is powered by multiple MySQL servers for high availability, uptime and scalability.
  • Convesio uses the Docker Cloud service to run your program inside a container with the fewest resources possible.
  • Scaling and descaling are also automated on the site. It ensures that the site is managed according to visitor patterns and properly curated assets.
  • One of the most common reasons clients switch to Webhosting companies is server downtime. Convesio’s 100% uptime guarantees that your client’s website is always available, preventing traffic loss.
  • Convesio backs up your data regularly. Daily, weekly, and monthly backups are all accessible. Users who want to schedule backups every three hours to every fifteen days can do so.

Weak Points

  • Convesio focuses only on WordPress websites.
  • Setting up ‘A records’ to add a domain name is a technical task for many people.
  • It is relatively expensive in contrast to numerous popular hosting options.
  • Email service is not available. You’ll have to make use of a third-party email service.

Price Range

  • Convesio starter plan (Level 1) costs $50 per month.
  • For the Business plan, Level 2 costs $150 per month, Level 3 costs $300 per month, and Level 4 costs $600 per month.
  • For the Enterprise plan, Level 5 costs $1000 per month, Level 6 costs $1600 per month, and Level 7 costs $2400 per month.

Note: If you want to learn more about Convesio, here is our detailed review



Best For Creating Websites With WordPress Site Builder
Siteground is ideal for small to medium websites that need a reliable and performant hosting provider.
  • Solid State Drives 
  • Free Backup and restore
  • Free Let’s Encrypt, SSL certificate, and Cloudflare CDN
  • Secure account isolation on shared servers
  • Proactive Server Monitoring
  • Improved Server Restore Technology
  • According to the market, the price is high
  • A mitigation plugin
  • They do not offer a free domain name
  • Only one location is eligible for free mitigation

SiteGround is a fantastic hosting option for all of your WordPress projects, new and old. Because of the specific technologies they’ve built in-house for WordPress users, the service they provide is stable, secure, and super quick.

They provide a large selection of hosting solutions and various pricing plans and outstanding customer service. SiteGround has a plan for you, whether you’re a small blog, a medium-sized business, or a major online store.

Main Features

Create a WebsiteCreate a site quickly and easily with the famous WordPress site builder, which has been tweaked for a quick start.
Site MigrationYou can easily move your WordPress site to SiteGround and see your business thrive online.
Online salesTheir WooCommerce hosting, which is specifically intended for e-commerce, provides functionality tailored to the needs of eCommerce store owners.
Integrated cutting-edge technologiesSiteground is consistently among the first hosting businesses to give their customers access to cutting-edge speed innovations. Their users don’t have to wait to use the latest PHP versions or the most cutting-edge protocols and compression methods, such as HTTP/2, Brotli, TLS 1.3, OCSP Stapling, and QUIC.
Top WordPress performanceSiteground is constantly working to improve WordPress speed. Static and dynamic caching are enabled on all sites hosted with them, which makes its performance fast.

Price Range

  • The StartUp package, which includes 10GB of storage, costs $14.99 per month (only 1 website allowed).
  • GrowBig costs $24.99 and has 20 GB of storage and additional backup options.
  • The $39.99 GoGeek tier comes with 40 GB of storage and other features (e.g., Git). SiteGround does not limit your site’s traffic.

Note: If you want to learn more about Siteground, here is our detailed review.



Best For Economic Price Plans
Low-cost domain registration and hosting provider, ideal for those who just started their online business.
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly interface
  • High-security requirements
  • Money-Back Guarantee on Domain and Migration
  • Some options, like VPS, are unattractive and lacking in features
  • Mail accounts can be up to 2 GB in capacity
  • Performances on Shared Plans

Namecheap, like many other registrars, also provides hosting services. Namecheap works to create economic price plans that give precisely what you need. They offer many services like web hosting, security, WordPress management, and more.

Main Features

Simple And Quick OnboardingThe onboarding process at Namecheap is really straightforward. Everything is organized effectively, so you won’t be turned around or have to contact customer service.
Cost-EffectiveYou can choose from four different options, all of which are incredibly cheap when compared to other services.
cPanel and WordPressWith their Softaculous app installer, you can install WordPress in seconds and update and maintain your open-source applications with ease. The most popular control panel, cPanel, allows you to control your website fully through your browser.
SSL Certificates for FreeEven if SSL certificates are now required, they’ve got you covered. All Shared Hosting plans include 50 free PositiveSSL certificates that are automatically installed for a year.

Price Range

During signup, NameCheap offers .com domains for $5.98 per year, .net domains for $9.98 per year, .org domains for $8.68 per year, and .hosting domains for $368.98 per year.

They also have hosting plans with discounts which include:

  • Stellar (Shared Hosting): $1.88 per month (In the first year)
  • Stellar Business (Shared Hosting): $ 4 .98 per month (In the first year)
  • EasyWP Starter (WordPress Hosting): $0 per month (On the first month)
  • Starter (Email Hosting): $ 0 per month (For the first 2 months)
  • Quasar (VPS Hosting): $ 19 .88 per month
  • Xeon E-2234 (Dedicated Hosting): $ 56 .88 per month (On the first month)

Note: If you want to learn more about Namecheap, here is our detailed review.


As previously stated, selecting the right WordPress hosting provider for your requirements is critical. Each host has advantages and disadvantages, but what matters, in the end, is performance — whether or not your site is accessible to your visitors. We’ve compiled this list of the 3 top WordPress hosting services based on our research so that you wouldn’t have to make a compromise.

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