Browser Extensions for Social Media Marketing

If you are like me, it happens to find you in the same routine day after day, clicking the same buttons, visiting the same websites, going through all the same motions.

I guess you’ve gotten pretty good at it. But sometimes turning on autopilot is insidious, because you don’t engage your brain to do any new thinking. This way you become less creative, less productive, and you easilly get bored.

A list of browser extensions for social media marketing

There’s a way you can automate some of those everyday tasks and gain time to do more productive tasks. In this article, we will look at some of the most used browser extensions for your social media marketing.

Let’s begin with the first one!


Buffer allows you to connect your social media profiles and share content from any website. It helps you to organize your articles, schedule your posts to be automatically published, track the performance of your content, and manage all your social media accounts in one centralized place.

This tool is a huge time saver, and I’m sure that once you try the browser extension, you will never come back to the old manual methods.

Click here to download this browser extension.


This browser extension allows you to see an influence score right next to someone’s username. The Klout Score is a number between 1-100 and it is calculated by measuring multiple pieces of data from several social networks, and also real world data.

This tool is definitely useful if you want to optimize your next advertising campaign.

Click the appropriate link install this extension: Firefox, Chrome, Safari.


This extension shows wich hashtags are trending, which ones are people looking at, and which ones are highly overused.

Ritetag analyzes your hashtag use and color them by popularity and strength. This way, you can rapidly figure out which of your hashtags has proved most useful in your campaigns, and then optimize future marketing campaigns around what truly interests your audience.

Click here installing the extension for Firefox, or for Chrome.

Instagram for Chrome

If you find yourself always using your smartphone to scroll through your Instagram feed, interact with your followers, or post a new picture, the Instagram for Chrome browser extension is a great tool that you should try.

This extension allow you to keep an eye open to your Instagram activity while you’re working on other tasks. You don’t have to keep your phone close to you, and move away from the computer at all.

Moreover, you can share all the images you have on your computer, so you don’t need to transfer them to your phone.

Click here to get the extension.


This extension brings relevant insights to your Twitter stream.

Every time you click on the Riffle icon or Twitter username of a follower, lead, or influencer, this browser extension display all the related data, such as social media accounts, statistics, popular hashtags, mentions, URLs, and more interesting insights.

Riffle will help you to have visible, in-depth data, so you can target your marketing efforts to the appropriate audience.


Twitter and Pinterest are now supporting GIFs, and many other social media sites and messaging services, like Facebook, allow you to engage with your contacts using these humorous animated images. With Giphy you can communicate to your audience and convey your feelings through images rather than text.

Using the Giphy extension, you can search for GIFs and copy a shortened URL of any GIF you choose.

Click here to use it on Chrome, or Firefox.

Are you using a browser extension that I haven’t listed in this article? What is your favorite one? Which one works best for you? Do not hesitate to comment below and let me know!

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