The Scientific Way to Track and Measure your Digital Marketing Campaigns

track your digital marketing campaigns

As a digital marketer, there are a few things of which you’re absolutely certain.  First, you’ve set up the most intelligent campaigns possible, based on the information you have.  Second, you’re making sales.  This is good, right?

There’s Something More…

Generally speaking, yes.  But how confident are you that the digital marketing campaigns you’re currently running are inspiring those sales?  Furthermore, is there any chance that you could be making more sales?  How well are those campaigns performing, anyway?

Leaving your campaign success to fate and chance can work to your advantage, but long-time marketers and online business owners know that tracking and measuring your digital campaign is the best and fastest way to make that beloved Return on Investment (ROI).

If you know exactly how your ads, pop ups, landing pages, and email campaigns are performing, then you have greater insight into what your audience likes.  This, in turn, means you can more accurately target future customers, and retain customers for longer, because you’re giving them exactly what they want.

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But how do you track and measure digital marketing campaigns?  Is there any way to determine how one ad performs over another?  Let’s take a look at the whys and hows of tracking an online campaign.

Why Should I Track My Digital Marketing Campaign?

There are plenty of reasons to track and measure your digital marketing campaigns.  Yes, it will take time, and you’ll need to be detail oriented, but ultimately, you really need this information.

Most importantly, you’ll identify your biggest and least impressive sources of traffic.  That tells you where your audience comes from, and may give you some huge clues about how people find you and your site.  If you know how people arrive at your site, you’ll gave some insight into what types of tastes they have, what types of questions they ask, and the solutions they’re looking for when they find you.  

You can also discover where your sales funnel is leaking by knowing at what point those once-eager visitors stopped reading, ceased clicking, and went somewhere else.  If you know where the leak is, you can instantly implement a patch… or build a whole new funnel.

Additionally, tracking your campaign will help you make money.  First, you’ll stop wasting money on sources that don’t work.  Knowing the ROI on your ads means you have the ability to end those that are getting you nowhere, and increase the force behind those that are working really well.

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You’ll also have a decent idea of what your audience likes, which means you can bring more of that to attract more of the individuals who are ready to become life-long customers of your brand.  Less spending and more income is always a good thing!

How Do I Track and Measure My Digital Marketing Campaigns?

There are a few obvious signs that an ad campaign is working.  If your online sales spike after you launch a brand new ad, that’s a pretty good indicator that it’s a hit.  

Another easy tracking device is the offer code, or coupon.  You’ve likely seen plenty of these in your online shopping experiences:  “Enter code TRACK at checkout to take advantage of our special offer/discount/bonus!”  If that code is only offered in one email campaign, the correlation between use of the code and the campaign is crystal clear.

But what else do you need to measure?  How about web visits, and determining which campaign is leading the most visitors to your site?  Page views per visit and time spent per page can help you understand where people are showing up, and how much time they’re spending while they’re on your site.

Lastly, what about bounce rates?  Bounce rates are measured by individuals clicking the “back” button the minute they arrive at your site.  While that’s bound to happen from time to time, high bounce rates might send the message to Google that your site is spam, resulting in penalties or being penalized in the search results.

There are several programs which can capture these details for you.  Many of the ad sources will have a built-in tool for analysis, such as Google Analytics, or Facebook Ads.  These resources can help you tell how that particular ad or campaign is performing, but how do you compare all of your advertising investments to each other?

One new resource for tracking and measuring a number of campaigns is ClickMagick (this is their website).  This all-in-one software allows digital marketers to pay attention to all of their campaigns simultaneously.  Like a giant bank of security monitors, ClickMagick’s tools provide insight into many of the functions of your campaigns, allowing full access to your marketing success.

What Does ClickMagick Do?

ClickMagick has the ability to help users identify their best traffic source, track a variety of conversion types, automatically alert you to the winner of A/B testing, add tracking links and pixels, and even send users to a specific landing page based on location or device.

This may make it seem like ClickMagick is almost psychic software, but there will be some effort required on your part to make the “magic” part happen.

Tracking links can be created for any offer you create, allowing you to gain insight on who shows up based on which offer.  You can create individual links, or a link group.  Instead of creating a new link every time, you can customize the links within ClickMagick to specify the name of the campaign, such as “Email” or the name of the website that is originating the offer.

We’ve covered tracking pixels in this article, and ClickMagick helps you quickly and easily set up tracking pixels for each page of your site.  Just click the radial buttons to answer each question on the screen, and your pixel will be ready in no time.

These are just a few of the features presented by ClickMagick, which offers dozens of tools to help you gain a deeper understanding of how your campaigns are working… or if they simply aren’t!  ClickMagick can track campaigns on Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, to name just a few options.  Furthermore, there are online tutorials and step-by-step instructions to help you get started as quickly as possible.

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My Opinion

When it comes to running a digital marketing campaign, it’s important to track how well it’s working.  Tools such as ClickMagick can help you gain more insight into how your audience behaves on your site, which can help you optimize your future campaigns.  All told, you’ll save money on ad waste, and experience a greater ROI from more highly targeted campaigns.

I fully recommend to invest some of your budget on ClickMagick, it will help you to optimize all your marketing efforts and increase conversion. You can start your free trial here.



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