Tools for creating videos for your content marketing

The use of content marketing is increasing daily, and if you want to successfully communicate your message to your potential customers, you should consider to create some videos that describe your products or services.

You can find many online tools for creating videos for your content marketing. They help to increase the value or your message. And when you provide valuable content for your customers, you will be creating and building a great relationship with your fans.

The content must be updated consistently, and all marketing tools and social media platform should be deployed. That can be very stressful as you try managing your social media skills, writing skills, project management skills, and video production skills required to create a powerful campaign.

Creating a professional video content is not an easy task, but you can leverage some online tools that will simplify your life.

You can find below a short overview of some softwares that can help your small business improve its video content marketing.


powtoon video tool


This video creating tool lets you produce animated videos that can serve as an explainer for your products or services. The interface of this tool is intuitive, which makes each step of creating the video a very easy task. The free version of this tool comes with a watermark. The paid version, which starts from $19 per month, is free of watermark and offers many additional features.

Benefits offered by Powtoon are:

  • A simple and intuitive Drag-n-Drop interface
  • Fast learning curve, quick results
  • Huge library of styles and elements to add to your videos
  • Compatibility on any platform

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videos with animoto


Another amazing tool that is easily used to create video is Animoto. This tool is perfect for photographs, businesses, and regular users who want to create quality videos.

Animoto has an interesting feature called marketing video builder, which is set of features designed to make videos for social media.

The tool does not have a lot of templates, but you can add your preferred media easily and record your voice over it. You also have total control on how you want to optimize your videos and texts from it.

You can create video collages or split screens with photos, videos and shared texts.

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Camtasia sets the pace when it comes to video creating tools. You do not need a video camera, and it is ideal for making explainer videos. You can use this tool to capture tutorial videos, web pages, slides, and import camera video or pictures. Camtasia combine these features with its video editing tool to create an amazing final product. You can enrich your video content with themes, graphics, clickable links and other interactive elements.

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Wistia is simple to use thanks to its drag and drop interface. This tool offers many interesting features, but what it really makes the difference from the competitors, it’s the analytic tools, that allow you to find some interesting metrics. Using heat maps, you can figure out where a customer stopped watching, skipped forward, or skipped backward.

Wistia also allows you to customize colors and controls of your video player. This way, you can make sure that your video fits in with the design of your website.

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