Udimi Solo Ads Review: Guaranteed Solo Ad Traffic

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In this page we’ll review Udimi, a solo ads marketplace that delivers guaranteed solo ad traffic for various niches. When talking about solo ads, it’s extra important to only engage with partners and programs you can trust. Udimi is one of them for many reasons. You can find them in the paragraphs here below.

About Solo Ads

First of all, if you don’t know what a solo ad is, have a look at this article. Solo ads are a part of the business of marketing that have received somewhat of a bad reputation over the years.  While the process of joining forces with other marketers to use their cultivated email list sounds very promising in theory, some less scrupulous folks take this opportunity to sell lists of junk email addresses, or even blocked, fake or fraudulent users.

But there are reputable solo ads marketplaces where you can get guaranteed solo ad traffic. One of these sites is Udimi (this is the link to their official website), which is considered by many to be the wisest choice when it comes to pursuing solo ads. Not only is it a comprehensive marketplace for solo ad buyers and sellers, but Udimi goes through several steps to ensure that honesty and integrity are practiced by all members.

While the internet can be home to questionable people and practices, Udimi works hard to be a business partner you can trust.

What Is Udimi?

It is a solo ads marketplace, meaning that both sellers and buyers can use Udimi to find the right people to engage in solo ads.

udimi solo ads sellers list

We’ve already explored the process in previous articles, but to resume, this is how a solo ad transaction is done in Udimi or in any other marketplaces. 

A “buyer” is the person who is marketing their business to more prospective customers through email.

The “seller” is someone who has an established email list.

The “buyer” pays a certain price – usually tallied as a price per click – for the seller to send their list an exclusive email regarding the buyer’s website, product, services, or specials. While there’s no guarantee that the people who receive this exclusive email will buy or even click, this is one way to receive a significant amount of exposure very quickly.

Therefore, it is in the best interest of both the buyer and seller to choose lists and products that fit each other’s audience. For example, a buyer whose business is centered around gourmet chocolates, and a seller whose list is centered around fitness and nutrition probably won’t collaborate often.

Udimi is a searchable, refinable marketplace where buyers can find the right sellers and vice versa. You start advertising immediately by visiting their website: you’ll get a $5 bonus if you signup coming from this article.

How Does Udimi Work?

Udimi has a widely-recognized reputation for being easy to use, even for first-timers.

Once you’re signed up, you have the opportunity to browse the marketplace. There are several types of filters available to help you narrow your search, or to allow you to zero in on a specific goal.

udimi solo ads search tool

You can review the different categories of sellers, along with ratings, overall sales, and conversion rates. By setting the filters to reflect your preferred results, you’ll only see the sellers who can meet your requirements.

The Buying Process

From there, the buyers and sellers can connect directly through Udimi to discuss the details, such as who will write the copy, what it will include, etc.  Once a buyer sends in their order, the seller then has to approve the order. Approved orders must be completed within 100 hours.

If anything goes wrong, Udimi offers a support team to resolve issues and mediate in the case of a disagreement. However, the key feature of Udimi is that the site requires a significant amount of identification authorization to even get to the stage where deals and orders are being made.

Protection Against Fraud and Spam

First, every Udimi seller has to pass a three stage identification check. This includes a webcam and phone verification interview, along with a passport scan. This allows every buyer to ensure that the person with whom they plan to collaborate is a real, actual person.

Next, Udimi gives buyers peace of mind that the email addresses on the list they purchase actually lead to a real human being. These lists are regularly updated to weed out bounces and errors, too. 

Additionally, Udimi engages advanced algorithms intended to prevent spambot clicks or fraudulent clicks. Since buyers are paying per click, it’s imperative that they only pay for real clicks. By weeding out fake clicks, Udimi protects buyers from being overcharged for services that really had no benefit to them.

I’ve been refunded twice because the sellers sent me fake clicks without me even noticing! I got my money back, a polite message from the staff, and the sellers have been permanently banned.

It sounds amazing, right?

How Much Does Udimi Cost?

Getting started on Udimi is free. Signing up to explore the service requires no initial financial commitment, and you can get guaranteed solo ad traffic just after the signup.

When it comes to actually purchasing a solo ad, the price is usually calculated per click, with most ads costing between $0.40-$0.95 per click. Each seller has the opportunity to set their pricing based on certain goals and project scope, so there’s no set pricing for all ads.  

And if you use one of our referral links from this article, you have the opportunity to take advantage of $5 off your first solo ad on Udimi. Given the average price per click, that could be a significant contribution to your prospective customer base!

Also, you do have the option of enrolling in an upgraded Prime membership.  There are many advantages included with a Prime membership, including advanced seller filtering options, a more robust “bad click” defense package, higher commissions from Udimi’s Affiliate program, and more.

Final Thoughts

While there’s no way to prevent the internet from being a somewhat unpredictable space, marketplaces like Udimi have small business owners like you in mind. Udimi’s marketplace is designed to provide the highest level of legitimate business, with high level identity verification and algorithms designed to sniff out and remove fraudulent activity.  

By engaging with a site like Udimi, you can essentially have your marketing cake and eat it, too. 

Solo ads are a great way to expand awareness of your business, drum up new prospects, and refill the sales funnel, but only if the emails are legitimate and the sellers trustworthy. With Udimi on your side, you can have guaranteed solo ad traffic and a significantly higher level of peace of mind in your investment.

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