Using Slack for your Marketing Team


If you need a new way to collect and organize all your Marketing ideas in one centralized tool, you should have a look to Slack.

Slack is a cloud based communication tool, that allows you to share your thoughts and keep your co-workers and collaborators informed in real time. It allows you and your team to send notifications, get approvals, and accomplish your marketing campaigns. From collaboration to integration, Slack has the capabilities your team needs to improve your marketing outcomes.

Using slack you can bring all your team’s communication together, and give everyone a shared workspace where conversations are organized and accessible.

How does Slack Works?

Slack helps you to stay organized with rooms. For each room you can designate a purpose, and you can invite members on a need-to-know basis, so they don’t get constant notifications that waste their time.

slack marketing

Slack serves as a central command post for all resources your team needs. You can obtain valuable insights from customer feedback, as well as monitor how your campaigns are performing.

Using Slack for Centralized Communication

Slack provides real-time coordination amongst team mates in remote locations. This feature allows you and your team to be more flexible in your workday. It helps you to define deliverables and discuss what you’ll need in a centralized location.

You can create public channels to keep everyone on the same page, or you can create private channels for teams working on specific tasks that don’t involve the entire organization.

Each channel allows you to set topics, so everyone knows what the channel is for. And you can pin messages or files so you can easily find the most important information later.


Slack is a great place to get input on marketing strategies and campaigns. You can share messages with your colleagues or clients, and emojis make the approval process fun. You can try to use a set of eyes to indicate something that needs reviews, or a heart to show how much you love your colleague’s idea.

Gathering Insights

If you work in the Marketing, you know how data is important. You can integrate Slack with a number of marketing tools, enabling you with valuable insights.

By pulling in data from Statsbot, Amplitude, or Google Analytics, you can stay on top of performance metrics and trends to make informed decisions about the direction you’ll take the next campaign.

You can also pull in statistics from SurveyMonkey for your support team, or use the MailChimp integration to monitor click-throughs and open rates of your email campaigns.

There are many other APIs available. Therefore, with a small amount of development, you can easily integrate or enable notifications for almost anything.

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Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is critical to marketing teams. As a matter of fact, if you learn more about what the ideal customer in your target market wants, you can build more valuable campaigns to meet their needs.

For this purpose you can use Slack to implement real-time social media mentions, or automatically post tweets to your company’s account to inform your clients about a new product. Or perhaps you may want to post a technical feedback from your company’s helpdesk tool, or show survey results to a specific Slack channel.

Slack Integrations

Slack offers a centralized dashboard for all of your communication and statistics. There are numerous Slack integrations with marketing applications, including, Autopilot, Chatlio, Mention, Drum Meetings, Statsbot and many others.

How does Slack costs?

Slack is Free: the basic plan allows small teams to benefit of many features and integrations. But there are also paid plans, that are suitable for business that need more advanced Premium features.

Slack is easy to use

Slack offers amazing integration capabilities and enhanced communication tools. For this reason, I consider it as one of the best tools around for collaboration.

Slack improves the productivity of marketing teams, that can get the job done faster with minimal interference.

Slack is easy to use. You can start in just a few minutes of your time.

You can access the browser based version, or install the mobile app (iOS / Android) and the desktop application (Mac / Windows) to get desktop notifications about new messages. This way you won’t need to keep your browser window open, and you can focus on doing other important tasks.

Getting Started

In order to start using this tool, you need to sign up on Slack’s website. Click the “Create Workspace” button in Slack’s homepage, and insert your email in the next screen.

slack getting started

Slack now asks you for the confirmation code, that you will receive shortly in your mailbox.

Once you have typed in the right code, you need to insert your name, password and custom URL (

When you sign up first, you become your team’s administrator.

This is how the dashboard looks like once you log in to Slack:

using slack: dashboard login

Eventually, you can change the default settings, like messaging restrictions or notifications, in the “Preferences” section.

The next step is to invite your team mates individually, or in bulk via the administration page.

Now that you’ve completed the first steps, you should be able to develop your channel and your team’s communication. The moment I write this article, I’m using Slack with my team since a few weeks only. But I can tell you that we’ve already improved the way we communicate and share our strategies.

If you are using Slack, or you’re planning to use it, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.



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