4 Best Ways to Add a CountUp Timer To Your Site

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It’s remarkable how tiny things can have such a significant impact. Displaying a count-up timer on your site is the greatest approach to promote dependability or showcase time from a specific event.

Count-up timers, like countdown timers, can be useful in various situations. The most typical application displays the time from a date and time. As social evidence, several firms utilize count-from-time widgets.

What Is A Count Up Timer?

A count-up timer counts up from a previous event, such as a significant life event. Most count-up timers are adjustable, allowing you to count up in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and even years. This is not to be confused with a countdown timer, which counts down to a specific date, time, or event in the future.

Countup Timer VS Countdown Timer

The opposite of a countdown timer is a count-up timer, which creates a counter that counts from zero to a given number. The count-up timer is a beautiful method to display statistical data on web apps and admin panels, such as:

  • Costs
  • Date times
  • Download times
  • Number of visitors
  • Product sales
  • Remaining stock
  • and more

A countdown timer is a virtual clock that counts down from a specific date or number to signal the end or start of a promotion or event. Previously only present on landing sites, such durations have recently made their way to checkout pages.

A countdown timer’s main aim is to generate a sense of urgency (learn more on this page) and provide the impression that “time is running out”. Count-down timers are also used by businesses to count down to when a special discount or offer is available. It can be utilized to pique people’s interests and keep them coming back for more.

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4 Ways To Embed A Countup Timer On Website:

1. Powr

This is is the leading all-in-one WordPress plugin package, with 60 plugins to help you build your business online. POWR plugins can help you acquire more contacts and increase conversions, whether blogging or selling.

It has a website countdown timer that has a lot of features. One of them is the ability to calculate time from a date and display it as a count-up timer. Powr’s website countdown timer is not only one of the most user-friendly but also one of the most advanced web countdown clock widgets.

Why Is Powr Different?

  • There is no need for programming or a developer.
  • With just one WordPress installation, one login, and one editor, you can access 60 plugins for free.
  • The WYSIWYG editor lets you quickly change the look of the online countdown clock. There’s no need to switch between live preview and editing modes anymore!
  • Upgrade each plugin separately or get unlimited access to everything! Scales with your business.
  • The Powr count-up timer plugin is cloud-synced, one of its best features. You may re-edit the timer and use it in your sales funnels, giveaway pages, solo ad campaigns, and websites.
  • Choose your fonts, colors, styles, and size, among other options.
  • Your animated timers will look great on both desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • All WordPress themes, Elementor themes, and WooCommerce themes are compatible.

2. CountUp.js

CountUp.js is a lightweight, dependency-free JavaScript class for fast-creating animations that more engagingly present numerical data. CountUp timer, unlike its name, can count in any direction based on the start and finish values you provide.

Why Is CountUp.js Different?

  • New in v2.1.0: Animate when an element slides into view. Use the enableScrollSpy option.
  • CountUp defers easing until the finish value is close enough for easing to be seen. In the settings, you can change it.
  • You may even substitute numerals. It’s highly customizable with a wide range of settings.
  • There are distinct bundles for current and ancient browsers.
  • Polyfill for AnimationFrame. For current browsers, use countUp.min.js; for IE9 and older browsers, use countUp.withPolyfill.min.js.

3. Tickcounter

TickCounter is a simple countdown tool to set up and use, requiring no technical skills. This online tool supports different languages, and you may customize the color of your name, numerals, and units to meet your needs. SSL encryption, simple integrations, fifty languages, advanced customization, over ten thousand counter views, and more are available to you.

The timer’s use is unrestricted; set it to any time and date as often as you want. TickCounter has features such as count up, stopwatch, timer, world clock, and ticker, as well as the ability to add more. You can also set the timer to any desired unit, such as days, minutes, hours, and seconds. If you use a membership, there will be no adverts, unlimited countdowns, or tick-counter links.

Why Is Tickcounter Different?

  • Endless counters
  • Count up from ten years.
  • You can choose your favorite time zone.
  • Visual Editor
  • Add or remove the required time units, such as years, weeks, and months.
  • With more than 50 languages supported, you can customize the timing widget.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
  • Page with a one-of-a-kind web count-up timer
  • Simple integrations

4. WordPress Countdown Widget

WordPress countdown widget is a plugin that allows you to effortlessly add countdown and count-up timers to your blog posts and sidebars. Easy translations, color tweaks, and multiple instances are all supported. Simply drag and drop. There’s no need to code!

Why Is WordPress Countdown Widget Different?

  • Simple to set up and utilize
  • Fully responsive and compatible with all versions of WordPress
  • The ability to establish an endless number of Timers
  • It’s possible to utilize it on pages, posts, and widgets.
  • Uses CSS3
  • User-friendly back-end
  • Tested on some of the most popular WordPress themes
  • Ability to type a message after the time limit has elapsed; ability to select a position; ability to type the distance from top to bottom
  • You can type your content in the day, hour, minute, and second fields.
  • After the timer has expired, you can select an action.


Count-up timers are helpful on many occasions, such as displaying the duration between the current time and a closed event such as a summit, webinar, Zoom conference, online competition, and so on, much as you would use counting down clocks in crucial portions of your website like checkout pages. Do not overdo them, as this may erode consumer faith in your brand.

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