What is Attraction Marketing?

attraction marketing

If you do a quick Google search regarding the topic of attraction marketing, you’ll stumble across plenty of different theories, strategies, and suggestions. They may be wildly different, running the gamut from social media post ideas to celebrity and influencer endorsements. Based on how very unique each of these ideas may be, you might have a hard time nailing down exactly what attraction marketing is… and you wouldn’t be alone.

Defining Attraction Marketing

Attraction marketing has been hailed as one of the best strategies for nearly every step of the sales funnel, including lead generation and customer retention, but what differentiates attraction marketing from just regular old marketing? Let’s take a look at what attraction marketing entails, and how you can implement attraction marketing skills into your existing marketing plan.

At its core, attraction marketing is any type of marketing strategy that draws in customers or “attracts” them to your particular brand.

attraction marketing explained

But that definition is pretty broad. Obviously, your entire goal as a business owner should be to attract customers.

Attraction marketing involves a little more strategy and fine-tuned efforts than your typical “let’s make an ad people will want to click” basics, however. 

Imagine you’re going fishing. If you want to catch whatever fish swims by, you’ll use whatever bait seems to be popular in the area. But if you’re looking to catch a very specific type of fish, you’ll take the time to study what that particular fish eats, where they swim, their migratory patterns, and when they like to eat. You will do your best to attract the exact type of fish you want.

Attraction marketing is very similar. Whether you concentrate specifically on storytelling methods, celebrity endorsements, or interactive posts on social media, you are doing so because you know you are going to attract a very specific type of customer. This customer isn’t like the rest: this is the type of customer who is going to become brand loyal and give you all their repeat business. And you have to know exactly what to do to attract them.

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How To Get Started

Much like in the fish analogy, you need to know exactly what your customers want. That means understanding who they are and what they need.

Before you start with targeted attraction marketing, you need to understand your brand. A surprising number of businesses try very hard to avoid building a brand, with the reasoning that it’s better to cater to everyone than no one at all. While you do want many customers, consider the benefits of having a few very loyal customers who buy frequently, as opposed to a lot of customers who make a one-time purchase and disappear forever.

While attraction marketing won’t guarantee that every person who is “attracted” to your brand buys millions of dollars of products or services from you for the rest of forever, it does give you a better chance of selling to customers who specifically appreciate your brand, your purpose, and your message.

Therefore, think about why your audience can’t live without your particular product. What makes it stand apart from the competition? Why would anyone choose your brand over every other possible option out there? 

These aren’t just questions to keep you awake at night: you need to actually find out the answers. If at all possible, interact with your customers to find out who they are and how they would answer these questions. Create a profile of who your audience is before you attempt to attract them.

Implementing Attraction Marketing 

Attraction marketing is all about selling the right product, the right way, to the right audience, at the right time. Having a deep understanding of who your audience is will make this process a lot more straightforward, but it’s just the beginning.

You also have to know what you are selling and why you are selling it to this particular audience. You’ve already determined why your audience chooses your brand, so what can you do to enhance and announce who you are in your niche? 

Attraction marketing is all about making the customer come to you, but just as you aren’t likely to catch a shark in Central Park, you have to be very strategic about where you’re placing your ads.

If your target audience doesn’t use Reddit, then don’t waste your time and money trying to build an empire there.

Establish your presence in your niche, but move on to areas of the internet that are more relevant to your audience.

Another great pointer for attraction marketing content is to “Keep it real and keep it coming”. While you don’t want to overwhelm folks with relentless posts, ads, and emails, you do want to find that delicate balance of keeping your brand in the forefront of their consciousness. Instead, post, publish, and participate regularly, not constantly.

A Few More Important Elements

As far as “keep it real?” It means just that: commit to a brand voice and story that can be consistent, honest, and empathetic. Everyone knows that you are there to sell them something, and no one really likes a sales ambush. Instead, attract customers with your honesty and candid nature. Don’t use a silly tone on one forum while being super serious and technical on another. Be the brand you want to be, 100% of the time.

There are plenty of strategies and schemes attached to the concept of attraction marketing, but the truth is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” formula to attract everyone all of the time.

Some customers will always shop for the best value, while others will only support brands who support the same social issues they do. If your brand provides exceptional value, or participates in community efforts, that might be exactly the hook to your brand’s “attraction”.

However, if there’s one thing we have learned from the internet, there’s a little something for everyone out there. Your brand has the opportunity to flourish in your niche and attract exactly the right customers… you just need to figure out who your customers are, and what they truly value. 

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