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  • Incredibly helpful support
  • Free 14-Day Trial for All Accounts
  • Reports with lots of data and segmentation
  • Mobile and geotargeting optimization
  • Click-Fraud & Link Monitoring 24 hours a day
  • Track & Improve Every Step of Your Sales Funnel
  • Relatively expensive program
  • Some features demand technical expertise and/or perseverance
  • It does not provide live chat assistance

Searching for a trustworthy ClickMagick review? You are in the right place.

You need to keep track of every click you make if you’re a blogger or affiliate marketer hoping to boost website conversions and sales.

The reason is that you can learn a lot from tracking your clicks, including:

  • Your target market can be more clearly understood.
  • You can find out where all your traffic comes from.
  • Your marketing campaigns’ strengths and weaknesses can be determined.

So, how can you accurately track your clicks? Let us introduce you to ClickMagick.

About ClickMagick

Overview: What Is ClickMagick

ClickMagick is a fantastic tracking solution that allows you to track your ads and focus on the sources of your most profitable clicks. It is a one-stop-shop for anyone who is specifically making money from digital marketing because it allows you to track everything.

clickmagick homepage

Digital marketers can also use this website to develop their website in order to attract quality visitors to their websites and products. It enables you to test and optimize links in your marketing campaigns, such as social media, sales funnels (more about it here), blogs, advertisements, emails, and more.

Cross-device tracking, offline sales monitoring, split testing, and other advanced tracking tools are available in ClickMagick. It is a place where you can see all of your critical marketing KPIs and actual outcomes in one place with pinpoint accuracy. By segmenting clicks and analyzing real-time traffic passing through URLs you want to track (independent of the source, such as Facebook, Google, etc.), Clickmagick is a tracking system that will help you run better marketing campaigns.

Review of the main features

How does ClickMagick work?

In the coming paragraphs, we will review the main features of ClickMagick and learn why this tool is a great asset for your business.

Organic Tracking

To conduct business online, you must evaluate the quality of your traffic. ClickMagick enables you to assess the value of your traffic. The organic traffic pixel provides all the audience information when it is embedded in your pages. Clickmagick detects non-organic traffic and blocks it, preventing referral spoofing.

setting up clickmagick tracking pixel

The program employs a secure protocol to identify such information when safe traffic comes. Additionally, an easy-to-understand and detailed analysis report is provided.

‘Link Down’ Monitoring

Your target pages will occasionally go offline regardless of where you direct traffic. You will be notified as soon as a link is made in ClickMagick by way of an alert. This might go unnoticed by most people or only register as a bit of inconvenience, but it can be disastrous for someone who is spending a lot of money on paid traffic.

This function can easily cover the cost of your subscription if you run a lot of bought traffic.

Automatic Bot Filtering

bot protection against fraudulent clicks

Fraudulent clicks can be complex for anyone running PPC (pay-per-click) ads or an affiliate marketer. It not only distorts your advertising effort but also wastes your advertising cash.

To protect your Google or other paid advertising platform from spam and fraudulent clicks, ClickMagick offers automatic bot filtering.

The ClickMagick Click Rotator

A traffic delivery system called a “click rotator” lets you direct incoming traffic to as many distinct URLs as you like, in whatever order you choose. ClickMagick has the greatest rotators in the industry.

setting up a rotator is easy

These work best when combined with email marketing, affiliate CPA offerings, solo ads, or ad co-ops.

To deliver clicks to your rotator URLs, ClickMagick offers the following four rotator modes.

1. Fulfillment Mode

In this mode, all traffic, including repeated clicks from the same user, is sent to the first active URL in the rotator until that URL has received the maximum number of unique clicks.

2. Random

This mode will distribute your clicks to all of the active URLs in an entirely random manner.

3. Spillover

In this option, traffic will be sent sequentially to each URL in the rotator when repeat visitors hit your rotator several times.

4. Sequential Mode

Incoming clicks will be sent sequentially to each rotator URL in this mode, and when it reaches the bottom, it will simply restart at the top.


Frequently, a promotion you want to run on your website will only allow visitors from a few countries. Other times, when selling solo ads, your clients may specify that they only want clicks from specific countries.

clickmagick geotargeting

Or perhaps you’ve discovered that a specific offer converts more effectively in some countries than others.

Geotargeting in ClickMagick will assist you in redirecting valuable traffic to the correct places. All you have to do is click on the link (or rotator) and select the “Geo” tab to configure geotargeting.

Help and Support

Clickmagick support is always accessible to their users to address any issues they may be having. They have the best support staff who are available at all times.

an overview of clickmagick customer support options

They even provide setup guides for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and several affiliate networks. Standard and Pro users get live chat assistance around 18 hours a day, as well as onboarding calls and phone support.

The average response time at their Helpdesk is typically no longer than a few hours, regardless of whether you are on our Starter plan or simply wish to submit a ticket.

Right next to the settings is a “help” button that allows users of ClickMagick to learn more about the program. To understand more about how Clickmagick functions, visit the website’s FAQs, Support Tickets, and Video Tutorials sections.

Pricing: Available Plans

How Much Does ClickMagick Cost?

Prospective users can examine ClickMagick’s functionality during a 14-day free trial. You can then continue to sign up for one of its pricing alternatives.

You can choose between three different pricing plans:

ClickMagick Starter Plan: $37 per month

The smallest plan provides:

  • 10,000 monthly clicks maximum
  • Two specific tracking domains
  • Six months of data retention

ClickMagick Standard Plan: $77 per month

This is a starter plan upgrade that adds more features like:

  • 100,000 clicks monthly 
  • One year of data retention
  • Ten individual tracking domains
  • SEO/organic tracking
  • Paid traffic course

ClickMagick Pro Plan: $197 monthly

The ClickMagick Pro pricing plan is more aggressive and provides considerably more for larger companies or corporations, including:

  • 1 million monthly clicks
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Two years of data retention
  • Organic/SEO tracking
  • 2-Year Data Retention


Is Clickmagick Worth the Money You Work So Hard for?

ClickMagick has some advanced features that other link shorteners do not provide, making it more than just a simple link shortener. Today, we would be unable to function without ClickMagick because it gives us better control over our links and traffic. In our opinion, it is the best solution for all of your demands in internet marketing.

See how much money Clickmagick makes for your business, especially if you run numerous pay-per-click ads on Bing, Google, Youtube, Facebook, or any other PPC type of marketing platform, by giving it a try for free for 14 days.


Conclusion, Score and Free Trial Link

Overall, Clickmagick is a good choice for a tracker. Thanks to its three different pricing plans, it is more affordable than some of its competitors, while still having all the capabilities of other alternatives on the market. It offers useful tools with sound features, which are highly helpful and user-friendly. After using it for a while, you will get adept at using its features. Hopefully, with the help of our article, you now have detailed knowledge about ClickMagick.

9Expert Score

ClickMagick is the best tracking tool for those who need to scientifically track every aspect of their marketing campaigns.


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