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art craft to sell for profit - diy ideas

Sometimes, in our pursuit of building our business, we gloss over our own talents and skills. In fact, the very same crafts that we enjoy making in our spare time can be a source of income.

Turn Your Talent Into A Business

Nearly everyone who has indulged in a little crafting has heard something along the lines of “I wish I was talented like that. Could you make one for me?”

turn your crafting talent in a business

Depending on who is doing the asking, you might be tempted to hand over your latest sample as a freebie.

And while gifting your friends and family with your handmade products is very admirable, this could be an example of your market coming to you.

There will always be a market for handmade items. The popularity of  “Arts and Crafts” fairs, bazaars and flea markets, and even world-wide selling pages like Etsy and Ebay demonstrate that people really enjoy supporting small businesses, and that hand-created objects have an advantage over mass-produced materials when it comes to eliciting an emotional response in customers.

So what are some crafts to make and sell for profit? Some particularly talented people could potentially build an entire business around their handmade goodies, but how? Are some crafts better than others?

Let’s take a look at the business of crafts, but first, do not forget to read our first article about this subject: How To Start a Craft Business From Home, in 3 Steps.

How To Make Money Selling Crafts?

The rules of starting a business selling your handmade crafts isn’t very different from starting any other goods-driven business.

First, you identify a need. Finding a niche in the craft world may take awhile, because almost anything goes! People appreciate crafts that are well-made, nice to look at, serve their purpose, and have some personal meaning.

Some crafts are meant to last a long time, like pottery, artwork, or hand sewn projects. Other crafts are meant to be used up immediately, like bath and beauty products or foods. 

That’s not to say that choosing a craft that could bring you profit should be all about the buyers. Make sure you enjoy doing the craft, and that it isn’t too much of a struggle to create your product. If you’re having a bad time, it will surely be reflected in your products.

Set Your Price

And then you’ll want to consider your profit margins. Nearly everything in the craft world can be customized to varying degrees of deluxe.

No matter what handmade item you search, you can find versions at a very minimal price point as well as prices with many more digits than you would have originally anticipated. 

Therefore, you’ll want to explore exactly where you intend to be in terms of pricing. This will dictate what type of materials you purchase, as well as the quality of your products. In many cases, there is a very high profit margin on crafts, especially if you’re buying supplies in bulk.

However, the profit you make is very much in your control, depending on the materials you buy, the quality of your craftsmanship, and the market in which you’re intending to sell.

Wearable Crafts Ideas You Can Sell

If you’re planning on opening a booth at local festivals or craft markets, you might take a look at selling crafty clothing items. These items tend to be fan favorites, as they can be quickly purchased to celebrate the moment. At the same time, they don’t necessarily require a lot of money to get a basic inventory ready to go for the next event.

Idea 1

Flower crowns and headbands are one such popular craft.

wearable flowers crown

To get started, all you’ll need is some ribbon, elastic, and fabric, and a few ideas or patterns for creating cute, unique products.

Sure, you can climb the scale to incorporate more expensive, deluxe fabrics into your product lineup, but that might change your target audience.

If your goal is to sell a whole bunch of flower crowns at a local nature festival, you might have better luck moving high quantities of relatively inexpensive products, as opposed to one-of-a-kind items made with the finest fabrics.

Idea 2

Cheer bows are another item that, while fairly niche in nature, can generate an impressive amount of profit.

cheer bows

Cheer bows are the hair ties traditionally worn in cheerleading competitions, and consist of a huge pom pom of color coordinated ribbons with a central theme, such as a team’s colors or mascot, or even a favorite band, candy, or activity.

They’ve gained popularity off the tumbling mat and on the streets, as people love to show support for their favorites with adorable accessories.

While some cheer bows feature hand-painted details, many are simply made of various lengths of ribbon, which can be purchased in bulk for a lower bottom line.

Household Crafts That Draw a Crowd

Household decor often rests on whatever current trends are en vogue, but there are several items that seem to never go out of fashion. Even better, they aren’t too difficult to create.

Think About Something That Is In Every House

Items like throw pillows, wall hangings or signs, and candles can be found in nearly every household.

household crafts

To craft these items, you’ll just need a few basic supplies to start, and can build your business from a few standard templates. 

Since these items are so popular, you’ll likely need to find a way to differentiate your product from others found on the craft scene, but remember that “different” doesn’t mean “greater cost”.

You can find ways to sell your products without cutting into your profits, either by creating a very specific niche, such as accessories centered around a specific aesthetic, or through marketing.

If you’ve ever wanted to see keywords working overtime, look at the throw pillows marketed for bedrooms versus living rooms. While they have the same basic composition and function, there can be a huge difference in the market.

Some More Crafts Ideas…

Another corner of crafts that receives a lot of attention are those that involve reclaimed materials.

If you can source the materials, you may find that people will eagerly pay impressive sums of money for products that are better for the environment or that save the planet from additional waste.

Reclaimed wooden pallets are incredibly inexpensive (if not free!), and can be incorporated into a lot of different decor-oriented crafts, from picture frames to coffee tables.

pallet furniture is one of the most effective crafts ideas

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of crafts that have a low cost to create and high potential profit. Instead, consider this inspiration for your own creative business. 

Start by looking at what you can make, and especially what you enjoy making. Consider your audience, and how you’ll sell your product. Price your products so that they make sense for the buyers and the situation, and enjoy the profits that come rolling in!



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