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Maintaining a social media presence is one very significant way to attract organic traffic to your website.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all afford opportunities for business owners to cast their net to potential customers broader and broader, with well-placed hashtags, an ever-expanding network, and of course, targeted advertisements.  

On the other hand, if everyone is on social media, how do they find you?  One way Twitter users get a leg up on all the other Tweeters out there is by establishing a verified account.

What Does Being Twitter Verified Mean?

If you’ve used Twitter recently, you’ve noticed that certain accounts have a blue check mark next to the Twitter handle.  This is an indication that the account has been verified.

Essentially, that means that Twitter has authenticated the account, and the user is exactly who they say they are.  Historically, this was most important for celebrities, as there are plenty of imposters and dishonest folks in the world who would take advantage of impressionable users.  

Today, as Twitter becomes a popular place for businesses and individuals alike to share news, images, and links, anyone who needs to establish that they’re the real deal should become Twitter Verified.

There are many advantages to having your account verified.  First, the process isn’t too strenuous, and is completely free.  In the time it takes to set up a Facebook ad, you can have your Twitter account verification application complete and submitted for review.

That Blue Checkmark

Once you have that blue checkmark, you’re set.  Anyone looking at your Tweet will know that they truly come from the business they claim to represent.  In turn, this establishes your business – and any subsequent postings – as a trusted authority (which is, after all, one of the main goals of every entrepreneur!).

Authentic accounts receive greater respect, especially when you’re posting about topics in your niche.  Furthermore, links you post to blogs or videos on your website or YouTube page can take off, giving you widespread respect and tons of organic traffic.

There are a few site-specific benefits to having a verified account, as well, such as the ability to opt out of group DMs (Direct Messages), and receiving notifications only from other verified accounts.

How to Get Verified on Twitter

The process of getting verified is fairly straightforward, but it will take some thought and effort.

First, add your business email address to your Twitter account.  You’ll get a link at that address that must be followed in order to allow Twitter to authenticate your email.  Next, make sure your phone number is added to your business Twitter account.  Once you update this, you’ll get a request to verify the phone number in your email.  

With those pieces of information added, the next step is to make your business Twitter profile as robust as possible.  When you’re logged in, you’ll see a button that allows you to “Edit Profile”.

When we say “robust”, we mean it!  Make sure your profile name and Twitter handle reflect your business.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it, of course.  Let your branding show in your profile.  Add a profile photo and cover photo that demonstrate what you do and how you do it.

If you need some inspiration, cruise by some other popular business Twitters to see how they incorporated their branding and style in a limited space.  And remember: you can always change this as your brand grows.

Your Bio

You’ll also have the ability to shine your business up in your Twitter bio.  Include your mission, your products and services, and some glowing facts about you and your expertise.  “With over 20 years of practical problem solving experience…” or “An entrepreneur celebrating her tenth year in business… ”.  Use big titles, and don’t be afraid to flaunt your skills and knowledge.

While you’re behind the scenes, double-check your security and privacy settings so that your tweets are all “public”.  It’s also recommended that you make sure the account has been active for at least two weeks before you apply for Verified status.

That tells Twitter that this is a real account, and that you do, in fact, intend to use it regularly for legitimate purposes.  If you attempt to apply for Verified status with an account that hasn’t been touched since your first test tweet in 2018, chances are very high that Twitter reps will pass.

Once you’ve dusted off your Twitter account, it’s time to check out the official Twitter Verification form.  

Completing the Twitter Verification Form

The form itself will feel very much like a job interview.  You’ll be asked to provide links that help authenticate your business.  Naturally, this will include the link to your own website, but this is a situation where “more is more”.  Link to reviews that paint your business in a positive light.  Link to any author pages, or press for you and your business.  If you’ve won any awards, link to blurbs congratulating you.  

You will also be asked to explain why you should be verified, in free-form, paragraph style.  This will likely be the most intimidating part of the process, so breathe deeply.  Take this opportunity to explain who your business can help, and how your product or service assists those individuals.

Don’t be vague or coy.  Don’t try to be too cute, but do show some personality.  Just like a job interview, you want the Twitter staff to know that you’re a real person, but that you can provide a great deal of value.

What if my Application won’t be accepted?

It is possible that you will not be verified the first time you apply.  Twitter frequently revisits the process, and sometimes closes it off altogether.  Fear not, and take this time instead to keep working on your account.  Like many things in life, it’s not worth rushing the job, so work conscientiously and deliberately to cultivate your account and following.  Once you get the chance to apply a second time, the Twitter staff will see your growth, which will only increase the probability of verification this time around.

Getting verified on Twitter can be a relatively straightforward process, most of which centers around making your account as friendly and phenomenal as possible.

Take the time to visit your Twitter account, and view it as a new user would.  Does the content make sense?  Do the links lead to the right places?  Does the bio reflect your business and products accurately?  Social media is a tool that can help you gain customers, so it’s crucial to use it to its fullest potential!



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