Top 6 High-Commission Affiliate Programs for Gardening

gardening affiliate programs

Are you looking for the top affiliate programs for gardening to monetize your website? We’ve got you covered.

Keep reading this article to discover our favorite gardening affiliate programs. We have listed the commission rate and the tracking cookie duration of every program.

What Is An Affiliate Program For Gardening?

Affiliate programs are deals in which an online merchant website pays a commission to affiliate websites in exchange for sending them traffic or qualified leads.

These programs essentially give publishers options to promote online. These programs provide advertisers with additional sales channels. You can apply or register for these programs as a publisher, get the links, and then encourage your users to click on and purchase the goods or services you are marketing.

Why Do You Need An Affiliate Program For Gardening?

Gardening is becoming more popular as people become more conscious of their health and the environment.

According to a 2018 Garden Research poll, 77% of Americans engaged in gardening activities. Additionally, that year, approximately $47.8 billion was spent on gardening.

The popularity of indoor gardening shows that people no longer depend on the seasons. This niche is incredibly broad and has a lot of profit possibilities.

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective, lucrative, and effective way to promote gardening products. It has many advantages, including extensive consumer acquisition, a higher ROI, and minimal budget costs.

You can learn more about this topic in the recommended articles at the end of this article.

What are the Best Affiliate Programs for Gardening?

Here below, you can find an overview of our top six affiliate programs for gardening.

1. Garden Tower

about the garden tower program

The Garden Tower is an excellent planter with a built-in composter. It enables users to turn kitchen scraps into food for their plants. This great product is perfect for anyone who wishes to use compost as fertilizer or doesn’t like to throw away kitchen scraps.

The Garden Tower has a $369 starting price. This company also offers bundles and other gardening supplies on its website.

Garden Towner’s affiliate program is quite good. The average order value is $331.99, giving affiliates a 16% commission. You will therefore make an average profit of $53 for each sale.

Garden Tower will also pay you for bringing on new affiliates. You will receive 15% of the earned commissions of each affiliate you recommend.

Official website:

Commission Rates: 16% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

2. SeedsNow

seedsnow affiliate program information

SeedsNow is on a mission to prove that growing your own organic and non-genetically modified meals is one of the easiest and most enjoyable things you can do.

This affiliate program can be a perfect fit for you if you run a gardening blog promoting organic gardening products. Their seed packs are inexpensive and easy to ship, so there isn’t much to deter a potential buyer.

Aside from providing seeds and gardening equipment, they also have growth guides and blogs to assist you in getting started. They even hold weekly giveaways to encourage customers to try their goods.

Affiliates and social media influencers get a 25% commission on every sale they refer. You will also get a 90-day cookie duration if you want to join them as an affiliate partner.

Official website:

Commission Rates: 25% commission on all sales generated

Cookie Duration: 90 days

3. Click & Grow

click and grow gardening affiliate program

Click & Grow is a well-known company that uses smart gardens, indoor gardens, plant pods, and other gardening accessories to bring people living in cities closer to nature. Smart gardens from Click & Grow contain automatic lights, nutrients, and self-watering systems.

These products have a price range of $100 to $2,000. Plant pods and gardening tools are among the additional products available at Click & Grow.

Flex Offers hosts the Click and Grow affiliate program. They offer a commission rate of 10% and a 45-day cookie duration. Anyone interested in becoming an affiliate can sign up for their program and access several affiliate tools, such as tracking systems, unique IDs, data, and a team of affiliate support staff.

Official website:

Commission Rates: 10% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 45 days

4. Forestry Suppliers

forestry suppliers program

Not all gardens are the same. Some are simply bigger than others.

Your standard gardening equipment and tools will not work in those circumstances. Larger gardens, of course, demand extra tools, accessories, and items for gardeners.

Forestry Suppliers offers an extensive selection of gardening-related products. They offer everything you might possibly need for gardening, including bulk herbicide, ground protection mats, and other essentials.

Affiliates are provided with promotional materials and support in order to guarantee that their campaigns are effective and profitable.

Official website:

Commission Rates: 3% commission on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

5. AeroGarden

aero garden affiliate program details

Fresh herbs are essential for cooking, but keeping them on hand might be difficult if you live in an apartment or have limited space.

That’s where AeroGarden comes in!

AeroGarden is a gardening company that has been selling indoor gardens, grow lights, seed kits, and other gardening-related products for over 15 years.

AeroGarden offers a commission rate of 7.5% and a 40-day cookie duration. It provides affiliates with an amazing support service, affiliate resources, and training sessions where they can pick up great marketing techniques.

Official website:

Commission Rates: 7.5% commission on qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 40 days

6. Succulents Box

succulents box affiliate program for gardening

Succulents serve a vital role in a home. They contribute to your general well-being by purifying it, boosting your self-esteem, increasing the humidity in your home, and boosting your confidence. They are also the easiest to maintain because they don’t require frequent watering.

The company sells the tools required for cultivating succulents. They also offer packaged succulents that, upon request, can include a planter and some soil.

These packages are available on a monthly subscription basis. They also provide jewelry with a succulent theme.

Every sale at Succulents Box comes with a 10% commission. There is an opportunity to get recurring revenue on the subscription packages, even though you might not make much money from each product as most of them cost less than $50.

Official website:

Commission Rates: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 Days


The popularity of gardening is rising, and creative product advertising is becoming more and more common. As a result, using the several gardening affiliate programs available is a suitable strategy to generate extra cash across multiple media platforms. But before selecting a specific gardening affiliate program, do not forget to conduct thorough research.

Which gardening affiliate program are you planning to use? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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