Top 5 Chrome Extensions for SEO

top chrome extensions for SEO

When it comes to the art of perfecting Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, you may feel very overwhelmed.  After all, there are many moving parts within SEO, and everything changes very rapidly.  As competitors update their sites, rankings can vary, and that can spell bad news for your business unless you keep up!

The good news is that you are never alone.  There are many programs and software offerings that can assist with your SEO activities.  In this article, we’ll look at the top five Chrome extensions for SEO, with details on how these programs can help you get where you need to be on search engine results pages.


check your DA and PA, as well as other indicators, with the MozBar chrome addon.

This Chrome extension is offered through search engine authority Moz, and is also available for Firefox users.  

MozBar itself is a free extension that can be easily downloaded.  If you have a Moz Pro Subscription through the site, that software subscription will unlock additional Premium features for MozBar, but is not necessary to get the basic benefits.

If you are looking for the simplest way to check your SEO status, MozBar is a great choice.  You’ll get instant metrics that can be converted into a CRV file for easy viewing.  

This program allows you to create a custom search by specifying a search engine and location, including country, region, or even by city.  The results will display the Page Authority and Domain Authority for each page (or the site as a whole), as well as link metrics.  You can even find out how your keywords are performing.  You’ll be able to see if visitors are following your links, too.

The Premium version also rates keyword difficulty, provides instant optimization suggestions for your pages, and even deeper metrics through Open Site Explorer reports.  

If you’re just wanting to unlock the often mysterious Page Authority and Domain Authority, however, and get performance details, the free MozBar option will certainly be of assistance.

Get the MozBar extension.

Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere keyword tool to add on chrome

This tool helps by putting Google Keywords data within your open browser page. Keywords Everywhere is an extension that works within your browser.  This means you don’t need to keep clicking back and forth between pages as you analyze your data and metrics.

There are two versions of this extension: the free version and the paid version.  

The free version provides details regarding related keywords as well as various terms or words that “people also search for” through Google and Bing.  You’ll also be able to view YouTube search insights and tags through the related widgets.

Purchasing credits allows users to access the monthly search volume for over 15 different sites, including Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, and eBay.  Users can drill down through the past twelve months to get a historical perspective.  

You’ll also be able to use these credits to access the cost per click (or CPC) of each keyword through Google Ads.  This will reveal the amount that other business owners are currently pay for each click from each of those keywords.  Alongside the CPC, you’ll see how many advertisers are currently using each keyword, allowing you the ability to avoid overused terms and take the lead with others.

The pricing system is per credit, and one credit equals access to one keyword report.  The pricing is reasonable, though, with the minimum plan offering 100,000 credits for $10.  The maximum plan is 10 million credits for $1000.  You only need to invest what you require at a time, which eliminates the need for long term subscriptions.

Get the Keywords Everywhere extension.


similarweb is available on chrome marketplace with its extension

The Similarweb Chrome extension is an offering from the marketing insight company of the same name.  As such, while the extension is free, users can contact the company to discuss options for building a paid package for longer term, more robust use.

The free version offers a lot of very handy information.  The site is designed to help you discover global, national, and categorical ranking for a specific website.  You can also see how many visits each site you enter receives over time, including length of visit, bounce rates, and how many pages each visitor views.  Lastly, you’ll be able to see where traffic comes from, including direct traffic, visitors who find your site through search, email links, social media links, and more.

By downloading the extension, you’ll receive five results per metric viewed, as well as one month of tracking for mobile app data and three months of web traffic information.  If you’re looking for more than that, Similarweb can help build an enterprise solution for you.

Get the Similarweb extension.

Google Trends

google trends search page

Google Trends is actually a part of the Google Webmaster Tools.  If you are already engaged with these tools, you can use Google Trends immediately.

This helpful tool shows the currently trending searches, then allows you to use that search information to get even more detailed information as it pertains to your location, your niche, your product, and more.  The idea is that you can use these trends to help you optimize your site with content people are looking for in real time, rather than doing time-consuming split testing on these elements.

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Google Trends can help you decipher what people are searching for when it comes to your niche, along with any seasonal data.  You can also determine which topics and terms are not being used, saving you the time, energy, and investment of using those terms in your campaigns.  

Lastly, if you’re looking for creative content, knowing what your target audience is interested in can be helpful in adding that special something that brings more attention to your ad than any other ad on the page!

Go to Google Trends.

Check My Links

check my links chrome extension

This extension is basically a very helpful clean up crew for the links on your pages.  It scans your webpages and finds broken links so you can fix them, edit them, remove them, etc, as necessary.  

After scanning the page, Check My Links highlights anything that’s not working, which you can then copy to your clipboard and investigate.  

This extension is offered through Page Modified, which has developed a variety of website monitoring products and packages that can help with many housekeeping tasks that will keep your site relevant at all times.

Many business owners understand that marketing is a huge investment.  To help guide users through the often wild world of SEO, there are a variety of programs available that address all of the various moving parts.  These Chrome extensions for SEO are just a few of the options out there, and can help guide you through the process.

Get the Check my Links extension.



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