3 TikTok Content Ideas to Build a Strong Brand Presence

tiktok content ideas

TikTok is one of the most popular social media sites currently offered. With many of its fans in the under-30 age bracket, users spend hours each day on the site, watching short videos that entertain, enthrall, and inform.  This article will analyze the best TikTok content ideas to build a strong brand presence.

What Are the Best TikTok Content Ideas?

We’ve taken a look at how creating a TikTok ad campaign can be a fantastic strategy for engaging an audience through the site. But a social media account is more than just running advertisements. You need to be able to post regular content to assure your audience that your brand is real, relevant, and share-worthy among friends.

But not just any old content will do. You want your TikTok content to reflect your business. You want to not only engage your audience, but let them know who you are, and what to expect from your business. Here are 3 TikTok content ideas that can help you build a strong brand presence, along with tips on how to make these ideas work for your business.

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TikTok Content Idea 1: Go Viral and Be Seen

It seems like you can find absolutely anything on TikTok. From dad jokes to dogs dancing, TikTok allows users to capture segments of their lives to share with users around the world. But chances are, your business doesn’t necessarily relate to dad jokes or dogs dancing… or does it?

Viral content is called “viral” for a reason – because as soon as it’s released, everyone hops on the same trend, posting their own version of a particular video and sharing all videos related to the trend. A viral TikTok spreads like wildfire, and soon, people outside the platform are aware of the trend. 

As a business owner, you want to be a part of this wave of awareness. Therefore, Idea #1 is Join in the Fun!

Some Examples

Most people think of viral videos as either goofy or musical, which may not fit your brand at all. On the other hand, perhaps one of the dance challenges circulating right now would be a great fit for your business’s TikTok account, especially when incorporating a product, your brand identity, or a prop related to your niche throughout the video.

Also remember, that not all viral content is humorous. Videos demonstrating solidarity with social issues or showing support for a community can help you establish your brand’s position on the subject without requiring you to venture outside of your brand identity.

Choose to join viral trends that make sense for your brand, but also feel empowered to let your hair down a little, so to speak. Many brands have embraced content that is slightly more casual than their image implies to allow TikTok users to see the more human and relaxed side of their favorite businesses.

TikTok Content Idea 2: Tell Them About It

Since TikTok uses video format, you can use your content to both show and tell your audience about your brand, your products or services, and even share a bit about yourself. That’s why we call Idea #2 : Show and Tell

Tutorials of users trying out your products are a great way to not only introduce new audience members to what you sell but provide them with social proof that what you’re selling lives up to its reputation. Partnering with an influencer (more here) can be a valuable way to increase your brand exposure. On the other hand, asking real users to include your own unique brand-specific hashtag in their content – which will ideally feature your product – can help extend your reach beyond your typical audience.

Some Examples

Personal videos are also popular on TikTok. You can use this type of content to chat with your audience, sharing a bit about why you started your business, or what you hope to achieve. These types of videos allow people to see your brand as more than shiny pictures of a perfect product, but as a person, a reputation, and a set of values.

Educational videos can be helpful when establishing your business identity on TikTok as well. When you educate users about your products or services, or what makes your brand stand out from the rest of the competition, consider doing so using your brand’s voice. Whether that’s super casual or elegant and luxurious, you may notice that top brands continue to reflect their identity and values, even though the format of TikTok is a little more relaxed.

Showing and telling allows you to give your audience insight not only to the products and services you offer, but your brand and business, as well. 

Idea 3: Set the Scene

In some niches, consumers want to connect with their favorite brands on a personal level. While some major brands remain largely faceless, using logos, characters, and themes to perpetuate the brand’s identity, some smaller eCommerce brands represent the “personal touch” of customer service.

Brands who wish to connect with their audience on this level can use Idea #3 : Join Us, Please.

Some Examples

One popular method of allowing your audience to join you is through virtual tours of your workspace or wherever the “action” of your brand happens. For example, if you sell organic wool products, you could introduce your TikTok audience to the sheep responsible for what they buy. 

This method also includes letting another individual “take over” your account for the day, posting videos that they think your brand’s supporters should know, including “behind the scenes” footage and “rumors” about upcoming releases. The person hosting the takeover could be another staff member, your own family member, or a person who uses your product or services on a regular basis.

By letting your audience go “backstage” at your business, they have the opportunity to connect with your brand on a more intimate level. Creating content that offers “sneak peeks” or “behind the scenes” footage indicates that they’re getting a very special opportunity that those outside TikTok are missing out on. This enhances their connection to your brand, and can even encourage them to share this “super secret” content.

Establishing Your Brand Identity on TikTok

The content you share on TikTok not only advertises your products or services, it helps establish who you are and what your business plans to deliver. Your brand identity is an incredibly important part of making sales, from basic brand recognition to creating a lifelong bond with repeat customers.

Your TikTok content can range from purely professional to completely casual with plenty of options and combinations in between. By creating content that resonates with your intended audience, as well as promoting your brand presence, you’ll be able to connect with your ideal TikTok audience.

Do you have any TikTok content ideas you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below.



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